Friday, April 23, 2010

sweet red thing

do you know what these red thingies are?

they look like the precious red rubies, don't they?

they also look like the artificial red rubies (the ones you can find in desserts), don't they?

they also look a bit like pomegranate seeds, don't they?

but what are they, really?

they are actually jelly bits.

they are cherry flavoured jelly bits.

which can be found in this bar of chocolate.

this is Cadbury's Dairy Milk Black Forest chocolate bar.

those cherry flavoured jelly bits are in the chocolate itself, together with biscuit pieces.

but why on earth are those jelly bits on that piece of tissue paper, you may ask.

it is simply because i don't quite like it.

the reasons being:
  • they are a bit too sweet to my liking
  • they are chewy and they stick to my teeth
  • there are just too many of them
unlike the biscuit pieces, which adds crunch to the chocolate, which i love to bits.

so when i eat the chocolate, i would leave out the jelly bits.

i may only eat a few of them.

if i don't like it, why did i buy the chocolate in the first place?

trust me, i will never buy Cadbury's Dairy Milk Black Forest.

but i will definitely not say no if someone gives me this chocolate.

i can never say no to chocolates.

besides, rezeki jangan ditolak.

and it's the sweet thought that counts.

i can always pick out the jelly bits, can't i?


Bads said...

OOoooooooooohhh I just had them haritu.. Why so susah to find them huh? My friend, Ira who works at Labuan bought a whole load of chocolates like those for us when she came diving with us.

Out of her stack, I chose Rocky Road and Elsa chose Creme Brulee, which she inadvertently left in my fridge hehehe.. and of couse I makan lah kan.. omg lemme tell you that Creme Brulee cadbury tastes better than Rocky Road!!! I must so get them again! So much for my detox diet plan. lol.

Where did your friend get yours from?

-iza dora- said...

babe..mesti laa aku pon tak suke same jelly beans tu...yeah its too sweet and it sticks to my teeth i'll take my time to take that jelly beans out...yes am putting in some effort before i can enjoy my chocs..i juz love the crumbs tp slalu crumbs tu sket je...jelly beans tu sgt la banyak...but then..i dun mind the effort long as i get to have my heavenly

Izyan Darling said...

eh i tak pernah makan rocky road & creme brulee! will definitely go and try! yang ni my bf got for me from KLCC kot. must be one of those choc stands tu sebab this kind of cadburys tak jual merata2 sangat kan? u suka black forest ni ke? to be honest, i prefer the ones with nuts anytime better. btw, i'm on a diet as well (kononnya) but chocs will always be an exception. ;)

betul, biskut2 tu sikit je kan, yang jelly bits ni sebanyak2 tidak dia bubuh. yeah i don't mind the effort as well, as long as i get my chocs. ;)

Bads said...

Ala if you don't like this Black Forest, sure you tak suka Rocky Road. Summore it has those jelly jelly bits.. lagilah you takkan suka.. But do try Creme Brulee by Cadbury I don't know whether your bf can get them kat KLCC nyer booth cause it's macam special edition or something like that.. Ntah why they only sell it kat Labuan (so far lah yg I tau)

I havent started with my detox plan hehe I'm still looking for the ubat detox but I've been eating rabbit food this week. Sgt lapar! And now my perut hurts when my (v. long) necklace bumps to my perut cause muscles are aching after the stupid sit ups I've been doing.

Sigh. Late 20s sucks. Makan sikit trus gemok. Benchi lah.