Monday, April 19, 2010

fly kite

in my previous post, i mentioned that we did burn some calories after eating those rich, creamy and sweet bubur, didn't i? what exactly did we do? we went to a place where you can fly kite, literally. it is situated in Kepong.

huge crowd on a weekend

viewing tower- sampai atas, semput.

amazing view from the top

this girl brought her bunny and let it run free on the field. i honestly don't think it's a good idea because the bunny looked terrified with lots of people around and a lot of kids (including myself) wanted to touch the bunny. poor little bunny must be scared to death.

i didn't wear proper jogging shoes but luckily my sandals are comfy.

we didn't fly a kite that day but we will definitely do so in the near future. it looks so much fun. so i did burn some calories by walking. mind you, the park is huge!

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