Wednesday, April 14, 2010

monkeying around

if you are bored on weekends and are too lazy to go cannot go jogging because of rain, i would suggest you to go monkey-watching. it's fun, it's free and it's located at Taman T.A.R, Ampang, further up from Tamarind Springs. that was exactly what i did last Sunday. honestly, i wanted to go jogging at Lake Gardens but the moment i changed into my jogging outfit, it started to drizzle. so boyfy and i decided to go have coffee instead. amazing how our plan deviated from calorie-burning to calorie-adding activity. but to our surprise, when we went out, the rain miraculously stopped. since we were going for coffee, i changed my outfit. i wouldn't wanna be wearing my sneakers and track pants, would i? so unflattering, ok? anyway we then went to Taman T.A.R and watched some monkeys fooling around and some even went in action, if you know what i mean. ;)

pics are a bit shaky because the monkeys were running here and there.

there are quite a lot of people there. the person (i'm not quite sure if it's a male or female) in the black & white striped shirt brought mangoes for the monkeys. how kind, kan? next time i go there, i'm gonna bring some ground nuts.

Later on, we had *'jump stab', bubur kacang and bubur jagung. heaven~

*lompat tikam

btw, after having the rich, sweet and creamy bubur, we actually did burn some calories but i shall leave that for the next post.

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