Thursday, November 05, 2009

chaotic court

The KL Lower Courts have implemented the Tracking System, akin to the Tracking System of the High Courts, which commenced on 2 November 2009. Since it was the first day of the implementation of the new system, the situation was a total madness. The place became hot, stuffy, crowded, and noisy. Everyone was restless, agitated, irritated and annoyed. There was a notice board outside the Registry whereby we were supposed to check the case list and mata became juling looking for the summons numbers. Lawyers were made to queue for more than an hour at the Registry at Level B1. After queuing for more than an hour (the queue barely moved), we were told to proceed to the cubicles, where we had to queue again. The place was small and stuffy and the worst part is there is no reception at Level B1. I only had 2 files on Monday and my file was only called at almost 5pm. At one point, I sat on the floor because my feet were aching from standing for so long. A friend told me that his matters was only finished at 530pm and at that time, there were about 20 lawyers left. And yesterday, a friend said that his matters only finished at 645pm. What the heck?

Note to self: wear comfy shoes to court. maybe i should get a comfy ballerina flats.


Bads said...

OMFG?!! GILAAAA!! i hope it's gotten better since..

Izyan Darling said...

It got better, slightly. there was a numbering system but we still have to wait. and now sessions court matters have moved to level 3. *sigh* but the good thing is, we get to mingle and get to make friends with other lawyers.