Wednesday, November 11, 2009

burn the past

i wonder if anyone nowadays still keep a 'traditional' diary. i used to have one many years ago but i stopped writing diaries either because i was plain lazy or because i don't wanna be reminded of certain happenings. on one rainy Sunday, i opened my drawer and found my old diary, dated 2002. that was seven years ago! i read through it and it brought back memories, both good and bad. however i stopped writing in May 2002. that just goes to show that i just couldn't be bothered to keep a diary. what i wrote are of course personal and the ups and downs i went through. it occurred to me that i could be a drama queen at times and i am not proud of it. but then again, i was 19 then.
anyway, what do people normally do with their old diaries? do they keep them? how safe is it to keep a diary anyway? it could easily fall into the wrong hands and it could easily be used against you. of course there are names in it and God knows what'll happen if someone reads it. *touchwood* but then who knows one day i might be famous and people would pay to read my diary. yeah, dream on. since i know the chance of that to happen is slim to none, and i wouldn't wanna take the risk of it falling into the wrong hands, i thought i should burn it. after all, it is in the past. let bygones be bygones. so, i burnt my diary on one fateful rainy Sunday evening.

The Diary

bye bye past.

burn baby burn.

i know it's bad for the environment to do an open burning but i'd rather not take any chances and slip the pages in between newspapers to recycle.


Unknown said...

N nowadays all your thoughts is on the Net, which can never be erased. At least, there's no names. I think... ;)

Kucingkepong said...

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”