Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the thing that makes your day

i received a surprise today. and it was a very very lovely and sweet surprise. my bestie Iza sent me a bouquet of roses for my birthday and valentine. this afternoon, the office bell rang and the person at the door said that she wanted to see me. i was surprised as there's no way that a client wants to see me. i wondered, who the hell could it be. when the clerk opened the door, i saw a lady with a bouquet of flowers in her hand and my clerk showed her to me and she handed me the flowers. i read the card attached to it and saw my bestie's name. as if la ada 'secret admirer' nak hantar kan? in my dreams la. hahaha. anyway, i was speechless! how thoughtful of her to have done such thing, considering her being in JB. *tears of joy* i wanted to call her there and then but i know that if i call her, i wouldn't be able to contain myself from shrieking in delight and screaming her name over the phone. besides, it's fun to see the 'wondering' looks from the staffs. hahahaha. later on i called her when i was in my car on my way back (stuck in the bloody traffic jam! asal hujan je, jalan jem!!!)
i couldn't thank her enough. she said that it was her and her sister's idea to give me the flowers since we weren't able to meet on my birthday itself. i am indeed truly blessed to have such a thoughtful friend like her. even though we are miles and miles apart, our friendship is still strong. heck, it's stronger than ever.

babe, if you're reading this, I THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU AND I WOULDN'T TRADE OUR FRIENDSHIP FOR ANYTHING ELSE. send my regards to suya and tell her that i looove the flowers aite? i'm sooooo gonna get you something really really nice from UK . *muahs*


Iza Dora Md Hanipah said...

hey babe..really really glad that u like the flowers....awww and it goes for the entry u made...well..i am not able to grant u any of ur wishes that u've laid in silver jubilee..but i do hope dis can make up for it..hehe...luv u loads and have a blessed and wonderful 25!!!...

Izyan Darling said...

owh babe, of course i loved it! wanna know why? because it's from u! and i know it came from the bottom of your heart. =) *hugs*