Saturday, January 12, 2008

silver jubilee

i am 25 years old today. (already??) a friend asked me, "how does it feel like being 25?" my answer was, "i feel good. i feel like a grown up woman." he said that that was the best answer. cool, ain't it? anyway, what's a birthday without wishes, right? so here is my birthday wish list. whoever can make it materialize will be granted with a lifetime happiness and joy of knowing me and making me the happiest girl on earth. any takers?
ok here goes,
  1. an endless supply of chocolates
  2. an endless supply of famous amos double chocolate cookies
  3. an endless supply of ice-cream->any flavor or brand will do
  4. an endless supply of donuts->preferably chocoholic, chocochino and oreo from big apple donut or double choc from dunkin' donut (i haven't tried J.Co's yet)
  5. an endless supply of chocolate indulgence cake from secret recipe or any other cakes for that matter
  6. an endless supply of coffee, anytime i want, hot, cold or blended
  7. a metallic pink mini cooper
  8. a red vw beetle
  9. a tree that grows money
  10. a free trip around the world
but since most, if not all of the above are impossible, not to mention nowhere near achievable, how about i wish that i have unlimited wishes that actually come true, and if i ever made the wrong wish, say for example i wished that i had killed that person, i could reverse the wish and turn back time. can? can? *batting eyelashes* oh come on, a girl can only wish, hope and dream. heck, it's my birthday. give me a break, aite?


~Sis~ said...

happy 25th sis! what a wish list! hope u'll get at least one of 'em..hehe..come here, it might come true.. *while scooping the endless tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream* hehehe =P

Anonymous said...

OMG u shud try J.Co darlin'!

Izyan Darling said...

how da heck am i gonna get at least one of my wish to come true? if i go there (which is very soon,i hope) will u grant me at least one, pleaaseeee?? damn ur eating B&J's ice-cream? kata nak diet? i know u too well la. so much for dieting huh?
i know! but until now i haven't got the chance to indulge on J.Co's donuts just yet, even though Pavilion is a few mins away from my office. perhaps u could buy me a dozen? *batting eyelashes*

Anonymous said...

happy 25th birthday. hope you had a good one.