Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new year blues

This is my first post of the year. 2008's here. watched the fireworks, almost got wet in the rain and got caught in the jam. nothing new except the fact that surprisingly boyfy wanted to go out on n.y.e. I, on the other hand was thinking of slouching in front of the idiot box and do nothing. but he insisted. how can i say no?
so I've started work. can't believe that I'm a lawyer. now when i fill in contest forms, or any other forms for that matter, i can proudly state occupation : lawyer. when people ask me "what do you do?" or "dah kerja ke?", i can easily said "I'm a lawyer" which will eventually keep their mouth shut. unless, of course they asked further. when i was doing my LLB (Hons.), i had to explain that it's a one year course, which i have to take in order for me to do my chambering and get my practicing certificate since i want to practice yada yada yada. of course i had to explain in detail or else they would get the impression that i'm extending my studies or something. when i was doing my chambering/pupillage, again, i had to explain what chambering/pupillage is. when i say that i'm not actually working but doing my chambering, they would go "eh, tapi bukannya dah kerja ke? yang pergi office tu apa?" so i had to explain that it's a 9-month period, sort of a practical yada yada yada. now, no more lengthy explanations, thank you very much. and oh, I've got my business card already weehoooo~ yes, people, it is a big deal for me.
excited as i am, however i couldn't help but feel so a bit lazy to start work, seriously. 1/2 of my heart is eager and excited to start work while 3/4 of my heart says the opposite. i hated the fact that i have to wake up early in the morning. 730am IS early. i hated that i had to snooze the alarm clock a few hundred times. i hated that I'm no longer on holidays. thank God that this week was a 3-day week only. phew. i thought i would be all enthusiastic and mangat-mangat to start the new year with a new job etc but nope. heh~ so i texted my bestie Iza and told her how lazy i was. she replied the same thing. she had the same exact feeling. we told each other "tu la, dah lemak sangat cuti lama, tu yang malas tu". hehehe. a few other friends who have experienced this earlier also told me the same thing. they say it's normal. phew~ so I'm not the only one then.
oh well. it's just the first week of the year and we're already checking the calendar and looking forward to the coming holidays. coming soon is Awal Muharram on the 10th of January. it's a Thursday. so 1 day holiday, and back to work on Friday before the weekend.well, it's better than nothing, isn't it?
anyway alvin and the chipmunks are super duper cute adorable cute and cute. did i mention cute? i feel like getting myself chipmunks as pets. talking and singing chipmunks would be an added bonus. i remember watching the cartoon back then. sis was Alvin, big bro was Simon and I, being the fat (and the cutest) one, was Theodore. =) I'm so gonna buy the dvd and watch it all over again. Or does anyone here wanna take me to see it again? *batting eyelashes*

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