Sunday, January 20, 2008

i tag you!

i was tagged by kak farah yonks ago to do this. surprisingly, it took me quite some time to think of 8 random stuffs about me but here goes. if you think i'm weird, it's fine by me.

  1. i don't like people calling me YAN. don't ask me why. i just don't. it's not hard to pronounce I.Z.Y.A.N, is it? come on, all together now say "IZ~YAN"!
  2. i don't like it when people misspell my name to IZIAN or AZIAN. if you're not sure, by all means ask me. don't assume my name. don't spell or pronounce it the way you thought it would be just because it sounds like so.

  3. i don't ride roller coasters. i have a fear that i might die or have a heart attack when i'm on it. to add to my scare is the scene in final destination 3. sometimes my siblings made me go on the roller coasters and i relentlessly obey, much to my own regret. i would close my eyes as tight as possible with the hope that i don't feel the rush and the G-force. my siblings said that it's a waste for me not going on the rides especially when we go to theme parks. i told them, 'i'll pass' and i would sit quietly in one corner with mum. i am more than happy to take their pics and hold their bags rather than going on the roller coasters.
  4. i have a soft spot for old folks. when i look at them, i'd go awwww. if i honk a car that drives slowly then later discovered that it's driven by a pakcik/makcik/atuk/nyonya/apek, i'd feel guilty.
  5. i don't eat rabbit meat and burung puyuh. i just don't. the reason being that i think that they are too cute to be eaten. besides, there's chicken, right?
  6. i don't have a particular artist/singer/actor/actress/band that i totally adore or a fan of. if you ask me who's your favourite artist/singer/actor/actress/band, i'd go "uhmmm." i don't buy their albums because i only like one or two of their singles.

  7. if i were cooking or baking in the kitchen, i don't like people peering over my shoulder asking me this and that, looking at me doing my work. it throws me out of my momentum. however, the maid is an exception because i need her to take stuffs for me.
  8. i cannot stand the sound that marker pens or magic colour pens make when they write on paper. i became ngilu and would either mute the tv, change the channel, close my ears or walk away.
whoever feels like doing this, be my guest. =)

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