Monday, January 21, 2008

music to the ears

this piece of news just came in. KL IS DECLARED A PUBLIC HOLIDAY ON THAIPUSAM YEAY!!!!!!! which is this Wednesday, 23rd January. i was watching TV3's Nightline and i heard PakLah making the announcement but i wasn't too sure of what i just heard so i checked on NST's site and true enough, KL CUTI RABU NI FOR THAIPUSAM!!! OMG i couldn't be happier. and i'm sure i'm not alone. there are millions of people out there who are feeling just as happy, if not elated, psyched, and overwhelmed with the news except for a huge bunch of businessman out there though. heck, i'm not complaining. i love u PakLah! now i get a holiday on Thaipusam AND Hari Wilayah. oooh it's good to be working in KL. whoever's not in KL, i hate to say this but it sucks to be youuuuuuuuuuuuu~ *evil laugh*
now this is the kind of news that makes the week seem better, considering tomorrow's a Monday. i bet i won't be having Monday Blues this week. hehehe. have a good week people!


Anonymous said...

wah terus no monday blues after u heard bout d cuti ehhh... ;P

Izyan Darling said...

well of course. who wouldn't? =D