Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Rainbow Hair

The rainbow hair trend has been around for a while and gosh I secretly wish I can have such lovely rainbow hues. But let's be real, if I were to have such hair, I would probably go viral and get mocked at. Pfft.  I mean, just look at the pic below. How gorgeous are those locks OMG. 
Picture credit: Google
It's like unicorn hair or My Little Pony's Rainbow Dash's hair. Sighhhh.
Picture credit: Pinterest
Also, go and feast your eyes on the lovely lovely rainbow hairs in Pinterest. OMG its was like rainbow-hair heaven!!
Well, good to know that actually it is achievable and do-able and the best part is, it is not permanent! How? Let me introduce you to Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk.
I got mine from Supermodel's Secrets Website. When I bought them, they were on sale and they costs me less than RM20. They were on promotion and I managed to grab them then. Too bad the promotion has ended but the price has been slashed from RM49 to RM35 so go and grab yours!
Babycakes was excited when I told her about the hair chalk so during the Hari Malaysia holiday which was also school holiday, I let her try them on when we were on holiday in Melaka. When else to give it a try, right? To apply the hair chalk, you have to damp or wet your hair slightly so the chalk can easily transfer to the hair.
The applicator is soft with one side sponge and one side chalk. All you have to do is take a section of your wet/damp hair and place them in between the applicator. Press the applicator and slide down to the end of your hair. 
Babycakes' hair was a bit dry here because she went swimming in the morning so the hair wasn't as soft and shiny as usual. Due to the lighting, the colour can't really be seen but in reality, the colour isn't really bright too. Not sure if it's due to her hair condition or maybe the colour isn't meant to be really bright. Even though application was easy, unfortunately the sponge came off from the applicator thus making it a bit hard to apply so I had to adjust and put it in again. When you slide the applicator to the hair, the sponge tend to get folded so the chalk wasn't properly transferred to the hair. This is also probably why the colour isn't so bright. You don't have to worry about removing the chalk from your hair because it can be easily removed when the hair is washed. Overall, considering the price I paid for it, the product is OK and maybe I got a not-so-okay set. if you have little girls, they will love this and this can be used for fun or for when there's a party. 

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