Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Monday Morning Mishap

This is a throwback post because obviously today is Wednesday but I've been quite busy these past two days and today I can finally write about what happened on Monday morning.
Nothing unusual, just another manic Monday. *i bet you sang the words to the song Manic Monday by The Bangles* I got dressed, asked the kids, Babycakes in particular, to get dressed and chop chop! Get ready quick or we'll be late to school! So there I was, cleaning my little ear with a little cotton bud when suddenly the cotton came off and was left in my ear canal! I was like NO! Oh No!! I asked hubby to try and retrieve it with a tweezer but the tip of the tweezer was a bit sharp and it made my ear hurt. Hubby kept saying that he can't see the cotton anyway. Since my ear was hurt, no thanks to hubby, I said to him, that's it, I'll have to go to the clinic to get it removed!
After sending Babycakes to school, I went to the office and had my breakfast and coffee because most clinic opens at 9am or 9.30a.m. After I finished my breakfast, I walked over to Klinik Segara which is nearby to my office. When I reached the clinic, there were already 6 people in front of me so I had to wait for a while. When my turn came, the nice Dr. Soraya (I am quite familiar with her already) asked "So, what can I do for you today? What's wrong?" I replied "I was cleaning my ear and the cotton bud came off and got stuck in my ear." To my relief, she said "Ahhhh, it happens! Don't worry, you're not the first one." She then called her nurse to take something called 'an alligator' (if I had heard correctly) and honestly my heart kinda skipped a beat when I hear the word 'alligator'. Her nurse came with the 'alligator' which looks like a long scissors and a torchlight. Dr. Soraya then proceeded to insert the 'alligator' inside my ear and within seconds, the cotton was out. It was a tad uncomfortable but I was so glad it was over within seconds. When she took it out, she said "Done!" Phew. I left the consultation room and the other patients waiting outside looked surprised to see that I was done so quick. 
Next time I must make sure that I don't go in too deep inside my ear. Mind you I was using Guardian brand cotton buds, which I expect to be of high quality. But of course, things happen, accidents happen. So be careful whenever you clean your ears OK?
By the way, that costs me RM20. Yeah. And because it's a clinic and a doctor, who is also a professional, I cannot ask for a discounted fee, let alone walk away without paying. So whenever you go see a lawyer and ask for advise and got some work done, make sure you do the same and pay the god damn bills too, OK? And no, you are not allowed to bargain or ask for discounts. What do you think we are? If you can pay your medical bills without complaining, without asking for discounts, why can't you do the same with our legal fees? Hmmph.
Anyway, here's Manic Monday by The Bangles, just because.

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