Monday, October 10, 2016

DIY My Little Pony Magical Dreamland

Babycakes is so into My Little Pony at the moment. She requested for a My Little Pony birthday cake for her 5th birthday. I went on Pinterest to get ideas and inspirations for her birthday cake and I was spoiled for choice. It was hard to choose one design because all of them were so pretty and cute. However, I have a set a certain budget for her birthday celebration which includes a cake and party packs for her classmates. 
After consulting with my cake baker Murni of MurniSue Cakes, we agreed to a simple design of a vanilla cake with buttercream. As much as fondant cakes are pretty, nobody will eat the fondant and they would go to waste. Not to mention that fondant cakes are priced slightly higher than buttercream cakes.
Inside the cake are pink and purple vanilla cake with buttercream filling. 
Where are the ponies? Instead of having fondant pony figurines or an edible image printing of the ponies, I decided to buy little pony figurines. I found them on Simply key in the word My Little Pony in the search button and you will be able find these mini figurines. What I did was simply arrange the little ponies on the birthday cake. The set I bought comes in 12 pieces but they're really small so most of them went onto the cake while the rest was simply arranged on the cake board just before cutting.

Since the ponies are really small, they have a very high tendency of getting misplaced or worst, lost. It doesn't help that Babypie likes to play with Babycakes' stuffs and throw them all over the place! Luckily I found this pin on Pinterest on DIY My Little Pony Magical Small World. I told Babycakes that I will make a 'pony house' for her to keep her little friends so that they won't get lost easily. She was excited and kept asking me when we are going to do the 'house'.  
On Saturday afternoon, we finally got down to work. We gathered our materials which include papers, colour pencils and crayons, glue, cotton balls, a shoe box and glitter glue, which is optional but glitters make everything better so why not. Plus, they're really cheap at Mr. D.I.Y. 
First I asked her to take some used papers from Daddy's stash and a blue colour pencil. She started colouring the clean side of the paper with colour pencils but it's taking forever to cover up the whole page. Being the little diva that she is, she started saying that her hand is tired. -______-
So I asked her to find a blue crayon instead. I then showed her how to colour the paper using the crayon. It was so much easier and faster. I asked her to repeat the process with green colour for the grass.
After she finished colouring, I glued the papers inside the shoe box resembling grass and sky. Then I asked her to paste some cotton balls to make clouds. 
Using the glitter glue, I drew a rainbow, some birds and a sun in the sky and also some flowers on the grass. As for the bridge, it was part of my moisturizer packaging so we recycled the package and used it to make a bridge. It's perfect for the dreamland because the size is right and it is glittery gold.
The hardest part was not making the entire magical dreamland but waiting for the glitter glue to dry. It takes quite a while to dry and clearly somebody wasn't patient enough that she kept touching the glitter glue to see if it's dry, thus smudging the rainbow. Babycakes was so happy that she helped created the 'house' that she kept playing her little ponies in it. This is a good way for her to let her imagination run wild. I wish I have a bigger shoe box though and I should have made a bigger rainbow but I guess this will do for now. The best part is, she can keep all her little ponies inside the box after playing and close the lid because I told her if I ever see the little ponies lying all over the house, I will take them away. For now, she closed the box and kept it nicely. Let's see how long this will last. 

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