Monday, March 21, 2016

Rainbow Cupcakes with my Babycakes

Yesterday was the last day of a week long school holiday so I decided to make rainbow cupcakes with my Babycakes while Babypie was napping. It is so much easier to bake when Babypie is napping. I only have 3 eggs left in the fridge so I had to make sure the recipe calls for 3 or less eggs. I just installed an app on my phone called Yummly. The app is user-friendly and has tons of amazing recipes. I searched for rainbow cupcakes recipe and after reading the amazing reviews it received, I decided to use the recipe from
I then gathered my baking materials and tools and with Babycakes as my helper, we set out to bake. She helped me to pour the eggs and milk into the mixer, measure and sieve the flour-which is her favourite part because it reminded her of Frozen and she would start singing this verse while sifting the flour:
"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen
A kingdom of isolation,
And it looks like I'm the queen."
Rainbow cakes and cupcakes look pretty and are fun to eat with its bright colours but baking them is quite a chore, really. This is because you have to divide the batter into six and this means you need six bowls and six spoons! You can imagine the cleaning up after!
I try to make Babycakes involved in the baking process as much as I can so she helped to mix the colours. She was amazed at how the colour of the batter changes. I also made her choose which colours to mix first, which bowl and spoon to choose from so she feels very appreciated that she gets to make decisions. i also asked her about the colours of the rainbow and which colour comes first, second, third and so forth.
Then, I made her arrange the cupcake liners onto the baking tray and I started scooping out the batter into the cupcake liners. Obviously I didn't divide the batter evenly so there are a few cupcakes which doesn't have all the rainbow colours while there are about two cupcakes with only green colour. I used a small cupcake liner so that I have plenty and the size is just right for the kids.
The cupcakes went into the preheated oven and once they are done, I cooled them down on  a cooling rack. While the cupcakes were baking, we made play doh too because we have all ingredients on hand and we were playing with colours but I will share about that in another post.
The top of the cupcake doesn't look like a rainbow but this is how the cupcake looked like. As for the colour, you can adjust the brightness according to your liking by putting as much or as little food colouring as you like. To me, the brighter, the better! I didn't do any frosting for the cupcakes because they are already sweet and beautiful as it is. And fyi, the cleaning up process was another chore. Don't forget you have to wash six bowls, six spoons and the other utensils!

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