Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My First Wins in 2016

I haven't been winning so much lately, I wonder why. Maybe I haven't been a good girl, maybe Lady Luck doesn't look at me, let alone smile at me. I am still waiting to strike and win big. It has always been my dream to win a house and also cash, like lots and lots of cash. But since I haven't been blessed with such winnings yet, I still take part in contests in magazines, online and also via sms. 
Somewhere before Chinese New Year, I went to a hair salon and had my hair done. While I was doing my hair, I read the Malaysian Women's Weekly magazine and I stumbled upon their sms contests. There are six contests in total and I actually entered all six. Well, you won't know which one you might win so might as well try all!
A few weeks back, I received an email from Blu Inc Sdn Bhd to inform me that I have won a La Prairie Cellular Radiance Voucher (worth RM5000).
I read the email and I totally forgot about redeeming my prize. As you can see, there is a redemption date for the prize and by the time I remembered about it, it was way past the redemption date.
I only remembered about the first email when I received this second email from Blu Inc. I have won yet another gift which is a Bosst Juice gift card worth RM100! I then sent an email to the contact person and asked if I can still collect my La Prairie voucher. Thankfully she gave me an exception and allowed me to collect the prize, even though it is past the redemption date. See, it never huts to try your luck.

Initially I thought of asking my dispatch clerk to collect on my behalf but since I will be in Shah Alam this morning, I might as well drop by their office in Petaling Jaya on the way back to collect the prizes.

I had to park illegally by the roadside because parking was full. Had to, ok. I went up to Level 3, only to be told (via intercom no less) that the prize collection is at their HQ. I was like, isn't this Lot 7 as stated in the address?
Apparently that was Lot 4. Lot 7 is a few metres away so I exited the building and walked to the HQ, which took about 3 minutes. I told the security guard at the HQ that I went to the other office and he smiled at me.
So I went in and told the receptionist that I'm here to collect the prizes.
 This is the Boost Juice gift card with RM100 credited into it. How nice! Babycakes likes to have juices everytime we go out so we can have lots of Boost juices after this for free yay!
This is the La Prairie voucher. Honestly I thought I won a skincare set. So the email stated that the vouchers are worth RM5000 but there are either 5-6 winners from what I saw on the winners' list earlier so I'm assuming one voucher costs about RM1000? What facial costs RM1000 and who would pay so much for a facial anyway? Definitely not me. Although La Prairie is an international brand, I don't know who is willing to pay so much for a session of facial.
However, it is sad to say that the voucher is expiring this Sunday, 20 March 2016. No wonder they asked us to collect earlier huh? The facial can be done at either Isetan KLCC, Isetan Gardens or Parkson Pavilion. The question is I am not sure if I am free to do the facial. Perhaps I should take half day off on Friday for some me-time? It would be a waste if the voucher is not utilized but at the same time I am scared if I do the facial, they will start promoting me their packages and products which I know is not cheap. What do you think? I did advertise to sell this on a few Facebook groups, in case anyone is interested. Please let me know if you are! I am selling it at a very discounted price, don't worry.

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Zurainny Ismail said...

Congratulations on your multiple wins dear! So unfortunate that you can't enjoy the facial. No worries, you can always win more. Btw, how many sms did u send for each contest, if u don't mind sharing? If you're interested, our blog is organizing a GA now - you are most welcome to try your luck again. :D