Friday, March 18, 2016

Prehistoric Trail at Pusat Sains Negara

Have you been to the Pusat Sains Negara (PSN)? It was recently renovated and given an uplift so now the dome is in multicolors and if you pass by the Bukit Kiara/Hartamas stretch, you won't miss it. I am not sure if the PSN has reopened to public but in case you didn't know, there is a Prehistoric Trail located outside PSN. 
Yesterday evening after picking up the kids, we decided to go for dinner but since it was still bright, we stopped by the Prehistoric Trail and took the kids to see the dinosaurs.
 There are dinosaurs' footprints all over the trail. It's like they just walked on earth!
There are a few stones with a lot of information about the various eras of the dinosaurs as well. Good education for the kids.We just watched the movie The Good Dinosaur with the kids so we explained to them a bit about dinosaurs.
Unfortunately, Babypie was a bit freaked out by them. Well they are not cute at all, unlike the ones in the movie so I do not blame him. Maybe he'll grow up to love them, we shall see. I am planning to take them to a dinosaur event in Bangsar Village soon but if he's freaked out at the sight of them, I am not sure if it's gonna be a good idea.
As for Babycakes, she's not really fond of them either but as usual she's ever so willing to pose and take tons of pictures.
The Prehistoric Trail is just a small compound in front of PSN and it takes a few minutes to cover the area, given that you take tons of pictures.
As much as it is a good place to gain knowledge and information about dinosaurs, I am sad to say that the place is not very well-kept. The grass are starting to grow and there are love grass (kemuncup) everywhere that we got them stuck on our pants! Babycakes' felt a bit uneasy walking on the grass too because the love grass kept brushing her calves making her itchy. Also, because it rained a bit yesterday, some parts of the grass were muddy so Babycakes dirtied her shoes as well. And just look at the picture of the footprint above. One footprint is filled with rainwater so that is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes right there. I hope the maintenance will do a better job at keeping the place clean and tidy, otherwise it would be a fun-filled time walking down the prehistoric trail. If you decide to walk down the Prehistoric Trail, I would advise you go in the evening when it is not hot. Also, it is better if your kids wear long pants and sports shoes for comfort.

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