Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Mango Cheesecake from Backofen, Desa Sri Hartamas

So in my previous two posts, I reviewed about my set lunch at Backofen, Desa Sri Hartamas. And I promised to write about their mango cheesecake which I had on that day So here's my take on it:

I decided to have the cheesecake for tea that day. I didn't bother to put the cheesecake inside the fridge so by the time I opened the box, it's a bit soft, which is how I like my cakes to be. As much as I like cakes which are chilly, I don't really like it if the cream or icing is hard. So this was just nice when I had it. 
I dug right into it and the cake is soft, moist and tasted very fresh. It isn't too sweet and the taste of the mango isn't overpowering, which I assume they don't use artificial mango flavour. As for the cheese, sad to say I can barely taste any cheese. The 'cheese' tasted more like creamy mousse. Perhaps they used too little cream cheese that it tasted more like creamy mousse. As you can see, there are layers of cakes in between the 'cheese' so maybe they should change the name to mango cake or mango cream cake or mango mousse cake. 
I would love to try other cakes that they have to offer and see if they live up to their names. I give this cake 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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