Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Giant Monopoly!

If you have been to Quill City Mall recently, you may have noticed that there is a giant Monopoly board in the middle of Ground Floor.

 How can you miss such a humongous Monopoly board and Christmas tree, right?  

Not to forget, a giant Mr. Monopoly greeted you when you enter the mall.

To participate in the Monopoly game, you have to spend a minimum RM50 and register yourself at the registration counter. I bought some stuffs for the kids at H&M and used the receipt to enter. When we registered, they told us that our game will start at 6.45p.m. so we went to have some buns and coffee before playing.
So we were contestant number 4. This girl here, my babycakes, was my sidekick and my partner to play the game while daddy kept babypie occupied. We were given a tag and a folder with some Monopoly money in it. They didn't tell us how much was in the folder though.

This is the emcee cum game organizer who briefed us about the game before we start. There are two crews to throw the dices for the contestants and there are also a few other crews on standby to help the contestants along the game.

So we started the game and when they threw the dices for us, we got a chance card. The card directed us to go back to the starting point and collect $200. This happened twice for us! The second time, we stopped in a community chest box and again had to return to the starting point and collect yet another $200. What a lucky day for us!

 The next round, we stopped in this box and scored a voucher from Glow & Glamour. 

The next one we won a voucher from On the 6th, a one stop entertainment place in Quill City Mall. We have yet to explore the place so we have zero idea what it's about. We also stopped at a place where another contestant has bought so we had to pay the rent of $8. The game went on for a few more rounds. We were lucky throughout because we landed on good spots and didn't have to pay for anything else.

After a while they stopped the game. They actually set a time frame for each round so as not to drag and to give others a chance. The crews then collected our folders and calculated each contestant's balance money. In the meantime, babypie went to play on the board.

Not long after, they announced the winner and guess what, we had the most money in our folder so we, contestant number 4, won! Babypie was happy that mummy and babycakes won! Yay!

 While waiting to collect our prize, hubby and babypie went into the 'jail' just for the fun of it.

What did we win? Vouchers! Lots and lots of vouchers! But the best voucher has got to be the RM100 cash voucher from Red Lobster/Longhorn Steakhouse. Since the voucher is expiring on 31 December 2015, we decided to have dinner right after the game. It was well worth it. The other vouchers haven't been utilised as they have a longer deadline.

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