Thursday, December 17, 2015


No thanks to our #$^&*!#%$ ministers and the government, prices of everything have been increasing like nobody's business. How I wish my salary increases the same! So to cut cost wherever I can, I try to pack my lunch from home. Sometimes I purposely cooked extra for dinner so that I have leftover foods to pack for lunch the next day.

I bought this so-called insulated lunchbox from Mr. DIY a few months ago. I have tons of containers at home and I shouldn't be buying this. It is quite big actually but the only reason I bought it is because it is supposed to be insulated thus keeping my food warm, if not hot. I mean, who likes cold lunches, right? We have a microwave in the office pantry but let's just say that I doubt the cleanliness of it.
I like that this lunchbox has two compartments. The white one comes with a cover so you can separate your foods. Today I brought fried mee and in the white container, I put a small container with some chopped cili padi in vinegar.
Because the container is big and quite in depth, it is probably not a good idea to put your rice in the bottom compartment. It makes eating rice difficult. 
I figured that rice should be placed in the white container and your dishes can be put inside the bottom compartment. Unlike the fried mee above, it isn't hard to eat it with a fork. Here I put my two dishes in smaller containers and placed them in the bottom compartment and the rice is kept in the white container.
The lunchbox unfortunately did not do what it claimed it can do, that is keeping my food warm. By the time I open it for lunch at 1pm, the foods are cold. Kinda defeats the purpose of having an insulated lunchbox, right? And to think that it is huge and bulky, I might as well bring my normal food containers like the ones with the green lid from IKEA. Not in picture is the green lid. I am sure most people know which container I am talking about. Almost everyone I know have them.
In the alternative, there are always the clear plastic container to pack your lunches in. Do remember to recycle them if you no longer want to use them, OK?

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