Friday, November 15, 2013

Trying To Be Healthy

If you have been reading my blog, you would know by now that I have sweet tooth. I just love anything and everything sweet and my favorite course of a meal is definitely dessert. When I go to buffets, I would check out the dessert table first and I would save space in my tummy for desserts.
I also love baking sweet treats than savoury treats. All those sugar intake is not good, I know. And it doesn't help that I don't exercise at all! *GASP* Except from walking in court, walking around the shops near my office during lunch, climbing up the stairs to my office on 1st floor (except when I have heavy files or my huge briefcase with me), doing house works etc.  I am also parking my car very much further from my office now. I used to park in the parking lot right smack in front of my office but getting out in the evening also raises my blood pressure because pub-goers would double park in front of my car and I would have to honk for several minutes before they come out to move their car. It is annoying! I know at the rate I am eating, I should do more intense workout. -_- Anyway, I do try to eat healthily whenever possible.

For a start, I have started taking organic raw cane sugar. I am a member of Cosway and there is one outlet near my office so it is very convenient. The price is much higher than normal sugar but at least it is slightly healthier. This pack of 900g is RM6.80. At least at home I take this sugar because when I eat outside, they use normal sugar.
I love to order green tea every time I eat at a Japanese restaurant but I never got into the habit of drinking it on a regular basis until recently. We all know that green tea has tons of benefits so it should become a daily drink. This is also from Cosway and it is also organic. This box contains 20 sachets and it is only RM6.90. 

Drinking tons of water is vital for your health. Everyday at the office I would drink a minimum 2 bottles of plain water. That doesn't include the drink I took at lunch (if I am eating outside), coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening and the drink at dinnertime, drink before bedtime etc. This water bottle is 1.2litres so I would finish one bottle before 1pm and then refill and finish it by 6pm. I drink so much water that I run to the toilet every 30minutes or so. This is  why I hate/can't wear a corset or a girdle because taking them off is such a hassle! Whenever we have lemons at home, I would put a few slices in my bottle and guzzle away. I bought this water bottle at Daiso and bought one for hubby and I made him drink a bottle too but of course he misplaced the bottle. He also lost my other water bottle. Sheesh. How can you lose or misplace such a huge water bottle?? Grrrrr.
Anyway, I just hope he drinks enough water. I mean, I can't monitor him but I would put a glass of plain water on the table together with his coffee in the morning. I can do whatever I can but it is up to him, really.
Sayang, I know you are reading this. I love you!

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