Wednesday, November 20, 2013

awesome deals are awesome

Recently I bought not one but two deals on Groupon for 3 regular pizzas from Pizza Hut for RM37. I think the deal is so worth it. However, it can only be redeemed on weekdays and you cannot choose the supreme pizzas and you cannot add on to stuffed crust and the like. As much as I love stuffed crust pizza, I had to make do with the offer. So on Monday night hubby went and redeemed the 3 pizzas namely Cheesy Delight, Beef Pepperoni and Spicy Tuna. The pizzas were good and the crusts were soft and fluffy! Such a good deal! I even tapau for lunch the next day.
And today I saw on Groupon this deal for 12 Soy Pancakes at Mr. Bean for RM19. I am so tempted to buy. Has anyone tried the pancakes? Are they good? Good thing is the redemption period is until 22 January 2014 so there's plenty of time.
Also I am tempted to buy this deal on Livingsocial. Who would have thought that Delicious would also promote their restaurant in these kind of websites? But I think the deal is worth it and it would be nice to try out the new Delicious outlet at St Mary Place.
I always buy deals for meals, photobooks and sometimes items but I hardly buy services like spa, hair treatment etc because some people say that they do shoddy jobs because you paid so low. I have however bought a deal to dye my hair at one of the hair salons in Solaris Month Kiara for only RM100. 
Speaking of photobooks, check out Groupon's offer. They're giving a 6" x 6" photobook for free! I am not kidding!

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