Monday, October 14, 2013

Stamping Shapes With Homemade Paint

This is another fun and cheap activity for Babycakes I made recently. As usual, I made the paints myself. I made 4 colours; Green, Orange, Blue and Red. I just bought a yellow food colouring recently so the next time we shall have yellow as well.

First, gather your materials. 
  • cardboard- I used  cereal boxes and cake boxes and the backing of a packaging
  • shapes- I asked Babycakes to collect all her shapes and put it in a bucket
  • paint- mix flour, water, salt and food colouring
  • your budding little artist
  • an apron or bib
  • a work desk covered in newspaper
I poured the paints in Styrofoam square plates, the ones you get from buying fish etc at the supermarket. You can't use an egg carton or a small container for this project because your artist needs to dip the shapes in the paint. Make sure you have the right consistency of the paint too so that the colour doesn't mix. Alternatively, put in separate plates but that will take so much space, unless you are doing it on the floor.

I demonstrated to Babycakes on how to do the stamping. Don't forget to pose and take pictures too and have fun while you're at it. Eventually the colours will mix and her hands will get dirty but that is the whole idea. Let the kid have fun and explore the texture of the paint, learn colours and shapes, let her see what happens when the colours are mixed and also let her imagination run wild.

I let out her artwork to dry in the balcony while I cleaned her up. This is the end product.

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