Monday, October 21, 2013

All The Best, Baby Turtle!

One week before Babycakes' 2nd birthday, we went to Cherating on Sunday because hubby had some work in Paka on Monday. We could have gone on Saturday itself but sigh hubby had some work to do as well, so we can only go on Sunday. We vowed to leave house early on Sunday morning because we didn't want to reach Cherating very late and miss out on playing by the beach. Sp by 9 we were out of the house, stopped for breakfast along the way and by 1pm, we reached our hotel, Impiana Resort Cherating.
After freshening up, we went to the famous Hai Peng Kopitiam in Kemaman. It was scorching hot, the kopitiam was crowded but that didn't stop us from trying out their coffee. Honestly, to me it was just like any other coffee. They served iced coffee in plastic cups which is a bit put off considering that their interior decoration are all vintage and full of antiques. It also didn't help that Babycakes was throwing a tantrum, probably because of the heat. On the way back to the hotel, we bought some fried keropok lekor to eat in the room.

At about 5ish pm, all three of us head to the beach. We brought along Babycakes' beach toys, IKEA stacking cups, a small basket and a bucket. She had fun playing with sand, even though she hesitated to put her tiny feet on the sand at first.
As we were busy building a sand castle, a hotel staff came to us and asked if we wanted to release a baby turtle for RM10. The money will be used for their conservation. Of course we said yes! The staff then returned with a pink bucket containing a tiny baby turtle, which is the cutest little thing. Babycakes was in awe upon seeing the baby turtle.
We then slowly released the little creature and let Babycakes blow a goodbye kiss to the baby turtle. We did record a video but  it was filled with my annoying voice. -_-
She was 'geli' at first but we let her touch the shell of the baby turtle. We followed the baby turtle until it reached the sea.
The little guy slowly made its way to the sea. By following it closely, we also help to protect it from unsuspecting prey like birds. Some baby turtles didn't even make it to sea because half way through, a bird will catch them. Surely we don't want that to happen to our little guy, especially not in front of Babycakes!
The little guy was so determined to make its way to the sea. It's amazing how a tiny little creature, all alone can make its way to the sea just by following its instinct. Allah is great.
The baby turtle did get washed by the waves a few times but soon it disappeared right before our own eyes. It was such a bittersweet memory for us. We hope and pray that the little guy will survive in the big ocean. The hotel staff said that if it survives, 15 years later he will come back to the very same beach where he was first released. Maybe we will get to see him one day, Insyaallah. Good luck baby turtle!!

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