Friday, October 18, 2013

Do Not Order From

Remember in my Party DIY post, I wanted to write about apam polkadot? So here is the story. In the preparation leading to Irene's birthday party, I already had in mind what desserts I would like to serve. I know there's gonna be a teddy bear cake. I also ordered a ballerina teddy jelly cake and a motorbike jelly cake for my dad. I also decided to order mini apam or famously known as apam polkadot. I submitted my query to them more than one month before the event date. Click on the pictures for a better view. These are all print screen from my emails, mostly from me to them. The emails say it all.

Btw, all conversations were in emails because according to their business policy, they do not publish their numbers because they do not accept orders or alterations by phone. Well if that is how they work, fine by me but if email is the only sort of communication, then by all means, check your emails and reply! I only got their number when they called me at 12pm on the event date itself. If I had ordered something else to replace the apams, wouldn't it be so inconvenient to get something at the very last minute?


Check out the time it was posted at the post office. No wonder it didn't reach me on Friday morning. Normally when I make online purchases, items delivered by poslaju will arrive before 11am. Never has it arrive after lunch because the vendors had posted the items before 12pm the previous day. Kalau benda dipos jam 8malam, memangla takkan sampai on time! I already told them it is an office address, office closes at 6pm, office closes on Saturdays. 
Until today, nobody from their side had sent an apology email, despite my numerous emails. They just couldn't be bothered. I did send a text to the admin and she replied that she was away for a course and she will get back to me. But she never did. That is why I decided to write this post so that my readers are aware and so that my readers can stay away from ordering from them, unless you dare take the risk. The apam reached my office on Monday morning but I had to go to Muar on Monday. When I opened it on Tuesday, they are already moldy. Guess where they ended up in?

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