Thursday, September 26, 2013

weekend project part 32

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you love apples (who doesn't, anyway?) and desserts, why not make your dessert healthier a bit by adding apples into them? I love apple crumble and apple pie but I've never really tasted apple muffin. Last week I bought some apples from Cold Storage and decided to make some apple dessert. I also bought a packet of frozen puff pastry but I just had apple pie the week before so I searched for a recipe for apple muffins. I always go to Best Recipes to get my recipes because I find the recipes reliable and easy to follow. I also would read through the reviews and if the reviews are rave, I get more confident and excited to try it out. I found a recipe for Apple Sultana Muffins and started making it.

I have had the muffin cases for the longest time and never got around to making muffins. Honestly, I prefer baking a whole cake because it is much easier and faster. I only have one muffin tin so I had to wait for one batch to bake and then bake the subsequent batch(es). I love crunchy, tangy apples like Fuji apple. I don't quite like Royal Gala apples or those cottony apples.

I added a bit more ground cinnamon into the batter because I love cinnamon and cinnamon and apples go well together. I also sprinkled some ground cinnamon+sugar mixture on top of the muffins. Always remember to fill about 2/3 of the muffin case because your muffins will rise. I don't mind muffin tops on my muffins but not on my waist! But at the rate I'm eating and not exercising, sigh my muffin top has spilled over ughhh.

This is the first batch of muffins, just out of the oven. The cinnamon+sugar mixture gives it a golden brown top and it looks so pretty with the crinkle effects. The smell of cinnamon wafting through my house when these babies were baking was divine! This recipe is definitely a keeper. The muffins turn out so well, fluffy and moist and the apple bits give it a crunchy texture. Love it! With those apples in these babies, at least I don't feel that guilty having them. Right.

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