Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stride Rite Friday Shoe Giveaway

Last month, Stride Rite held a shoe giveaway every Friday for a whole month. All you have to do is answer a simple question on Stride Rite and you stand a chance to win a pair of Stride Rite shoes. I entered the 2nd week but didn't win so I tried again for the 3rd week and I was chosen as the winner! They announced it on their facebook page. My sil informed me that I've won and sent me a picture of the announcement.

I was glad that I won! That means Babycakes will get a spanking new shoes. The people from Stride Rite sent me an email on the shoe redemption but it went into spam. The email was sent earlier and I was supposed to redeem the shoes at Stride Rite Paradigm Mall before a certain date but since I opened the email late, they were kind enough to extend the redemption date. That's what I call a good customer service!
 We went to Paradigm Mall on one Saturday evening to redeem the shoes. Babycakes was happy to go into the shop and we had a hard time choosing the shoes for her. We can choose ANY ONE pair of shoes that we like. There were so many designs but the designs for her age are quite limited. So we opted for a bigger size and chose one from the new arrival, the ones with glitter and lights. Woohoo! Babycakes has a few pairs of shoes that she is currently using so we shall keep this one first until her feet are big enough to fit them. I love how colorful and glittery the shoes are and it'll look even more awesome when she wears it and the lights come out. Thank you Stride Rite!

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