Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Babycakes' First Birthday

OMG i couldn't believe that I did not post about Babycakes' FIRST BIRTHDAY and she'll be TWO end of this month OMG OMG OMG!!! This post has been in my draft folder for so long gaaaaahhhh! Oh well, I know it is basi but what the heck.

I started making preparations months before her birthday. I started buying things progressively so that I don't splurge at one time. I did not have a specific theme for her party simply because it is her 1st birthday and she doesn't have any favourite cartoon character just yet. Plus, it was also a belated raya open house. I printed the cupcakes and cut the circles and made my very own toppers. Tedious, but very satisfactory knowing that you made it all by yourself.

I am proud to say that I made her tutu myself. There are so many tutorials online and it's so easy. It's just a matter of rajin & malas, nak atau tak nak. Of course I can just buy one off the shelf but when she grows up, I can proudly tell her that Mummy made your tutu for your first birthday! I bought the material from some flower shop in Kajang and started working on it and even had Babycakes to try it on a few days before her party. I bought a pink sleeveless romper for her to wear with the tutu to create the ballerina look. Not that we're going for a ballerina themed party but I couldn't find any t shirt that is suitable for her so the plain pink romper with 2 butterfly appliques will do.

Most of the party deco and stuffs were diy. I know how easy it is to have a party planner do everything but it comes with a hefty price tag too. Plus, we don't have an exact theme going on so it's a matter of mix and match. I cut some coloured papers in cupcake shapes and made a little guestbook for it.

Party favours were all diy too. Bought some party loot bags, balloons, balloon sticks and some other stuffs including a small square face towel which comes in handy to wipe off sweat and stuffs from the kid's face and hands. The stuffs were bought at a shop somewhere in Taman Manja. They're much cheaper than Balloon Buzz, Party World and the like. I had a hard time looking for the sugar biscuits but eventually found a kiosk in Giant Sek. 13 Shah Alam. The kiosk sold them by the grams but the owner sold by the tin too so I ordered one tin from her and bought some small clear plastic bags. SIL bought some small puddings to put in the bag as well. I also printed some thank you tags and stapled it together.

I bought a deal from one of those deal websites for 6 pieces posters. Of course they're Babycakes' pictures. The big frames were from IKEA (love the vibrant green & blue frame) and I added Babycakes' name and Happy 1st Birthday wordings on it. SIL also bought marshmallows and we made marshmallow pops the night before the party.
I bought a few pieces of '1st birthday' balloons in pink and purple, which are so adorable. They can be found here.   We used an old blackboard for the deco, and other deco were all diy. Everybody helped to hang the balloons, even my dad helped blow the balloons the day before.

The menu include nasi minyak, ayam merah, dalca, roast lamb, mashed potato, salad, some kuih, apam polkadot and of course, Babycakes' birthday cake in the shape of Pinky Polly. We also celebrated my dad's birthday, which falls a day before Babycakes' birthday.
Overall, it was a huge success. We have friends and relatives and Babycakes received a ton of gifts.We are so looking forward to her 2nd birthday but this time it will be more small scaled and intimate. I am in the midst of doing some crafts for her party and I will share it once the party is over, hopefully not as long as I take to write this post, insyaallah.

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