Friday, June 28, 2013

O Wise One

Two weeks ago, on Saturday, i got my wisdom tooth extracted. Oh boy it was such an unpleasant experience. It started a few days before that when I felt a slight pain in my tooth. A few months back, I had a filling done at the wisdom tooth. Now it has started to feel painful for whatever reason. 
That morning I went to dye my hair at Solaris Mont Kiara. At that time I can feel the tooth aching but it was still bearable. After I was done at the salon, I went to Guardian pharmacy to look for a painkiller. The pharmacist suggested that I go to the dentist because painkillers are a temporary relief. She pointed out to Solaris Dental Centre which was nearby. I was contemplating to go but I am pretty sure that it will cost me a bomb. I called hubby and he asked me to go home first. I eventually bought a medicine from Guardian. It's a traditional medicine and has a picture of watermelon on its box. It's a powder substance and you are supposed to spray the powder onto the affected area. I went home and did it but it didn't give me any relief.
I can't focus on anything and the slight movement by Babycakes would irritate and annoy me to the max. I told hubby, that's it, I'm going to the dentist. There is one dentist in the area where hubby always sends his car for servicing so we went there. I went up only to be told that they don't accept walk-ins. You have to make an appointment but if I want to wait, I can wait but it'll take about 2-2 1/2 hours. I was so angry. I started searching for nearby dentists on the internet and made phone calls to ask if they accept walk-ins. Thankfully, one dentist in Kepong does so off we went. 
So there I was at Lau Dental Surgery and there was one patient inside the room while another was waiting. My turn came and I went in. The dentist checked my tooth and immediately said "kena cabut" I was like "cabut? hari ni? now?" He said 'Yes. kalau tak cabut, you tak boleh tidur malam ni" I was like whoaaaaaaaaaaaa but I don't have a choice, do I? He then injected me the numbing gel on the gums and left me for about 5 minutes. In my mind, I kept telling myself, it's gonna be ok, it won't hurt, childbirth hurts even more but of course that didn't work.
When the dentist came, he poked my gum and asked if I feel any pain. He told me to let him know if I feel pain. He then started to extract my tooth and at one point I can still feel the pain. He was surprised and said "sakit meh?" -___- He then said to the nurse "tambah ubat" to which he injected more numbing gel on my gums. Then he continued to extract my tooth and within seconds, craacccck! the tooth was out and he immediately gave me a cotton ball to bite on. phew.....
This was the view from the dentist's chair. As I was lying down, all sorts of things came to my mind.

As you can see, the dental clinic is not the most sophisticated dental clinic. It is very basic, in fact it is located in an old building by the Kepong main road. But they practice hygiene as how it is supposed to be and they did the job well so I am not complaining. The best part is, they accept walk-ins and they don't do appointments. I don't get why a lot of dental clinics must be by appointments anyway. What if someone was in severe pain? When I paid for my fee, the uncle asked me "ok or not? walk-in better or appointment better?" I said to him "of course walk-in la. If i wait for my appointment date, I'll be pengsan already coz of the pain." 
Do you know how much was the fee? A mere RM60 for a wisdom tooth extraction. I was surprised, but good surprised because I was prepared to pay RM100 or more (from what I know, dental works are always very expensive) so I was more than happy with the fee. I walked out of the clinic with a numb face and a happy heart.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the info!

I followed your footpath and went for scaling. Just RM70 as it was a quite some time (1.5 years) since last scaling.
No consultation, no further "advice" in getting further treatment/exercises. Totally practical advice on patients not spending any unnecessary money.