Tuesday, June 04, 2013

crazy over videos

You know how the Japanese always comes up with something unique, weird, out of this world, cute. quirky and creative creations and inventions? I mean, just look at the stuffs at Daiso. They have practically everything and the best part is everything is sold at RM5. Everytime I go into Daiso, I will surely come out with something. 
Anyway, I came across these videos on Youtube and I was in awe.  This is the edible version.

And this is the non edible version.

If you have the time, go ahead and watch other videos and see how amazing those things are. It sure takes main masak-masak to a whole new level, isn't it? However if I'm not mistaken, the edible ones are already banned because it contains harmful chemicals. I mean, looking at how the candies/foods transform is evident that there must be tons of chemicals involved but it sure is fun to watch all right.

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