Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Subscribing to online shops' newsletters are dangerous because not only will they flood your inbox, they would also send you updates every other day, if not every day. And if you have itchy fingers like me, you will be tempted to click on the links and open the websites with the intention 'just to take a peek, you know, in case they have something great on offer or if they are having a sale or if the item(s) that you have been eyeing for is on sale.' It gets worse when you subscribe to newsletters from online shops selling baby clothes. There is always one or two (or several!!) items that would catch your attention immediately and the items seem more attractive when the price is very reasonable or the items were on sale. If you have a daughter/baby girl, it gets worst because baby girls' clothes are just so freaking cute and adorable and pretty and sweet gaaaaahhhhhh and you would imagine how pretty your little girl would look like in that particular dress. To comfort myself, I would tell myself 'the thing is on sale! I might as well buy it now than later. What if it's sold out? I can always keep it for future use, right? When else to buy if not now?' and the list of justifications just get longer. Now that raya is near, I would tell myself 'Baik shopping untuk raya dari sekarang, kalau tangguh nanti takut tak sempat/harga lagi mahal time puasa/kalau beli sekarang, takde la terasa sangat bila duit keluar sebab nanti lagi banyak benda nak beli. Beli sikit2, lama2 jadi bukit.' Yes. I am wise like that.
Sigh it is bad for the bank account. Bad bad bad.

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