Tuesday, June 26, 2012

human obstacle

putting Babycakes to sleep at night is like declaring world war. she would either cry or she would be most active when it comes to bedtime. i know that she was tired and sleepy but she just refused to sleep. when we are on the bed, that is when she wants to practice her skills and show off to Mummy. she would stand, crawl, roll and do every other thing possible. 

seriously, i feel like a human wipeout obstacle.

this would go on for about an hour or more and in the end, i fell asleep myself, only to wake up later and realized that there are 1001 other things to do. therefore i would try to steal some time whenever i can to pack her bag or thawing her milk or cleaning up her dining area etc. on some good nights, she would fall asleep very easily but on most nights, it's mummy the human obstacle.

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