Wednesday, June 27, 2012

silver with gold

today marks Babycakes' 9th month birthday, alhamdulillah. this little pumpkin of mine is very vocal and noisy, she knows what she wants,  she knows how to smile, she knows how to show her excitement, she knows how to clap her hands when we say "clap clap, clap your hands", she knows how to wave goodbye when we say "bye-bye" or "ta-ta-bye" (even though sometimes she gets confused with waving goodbye and clapping her hands where she would wave when we say clap, she would clap when we say bye bye), she can make a lot of sounds with her little mouth, she loves to make "aaaaaah" sound and then cupping her mouth with her hand repeatedly that she made a "ah-bwaaa-aah-bwaaa' kind of sound, she can stand with support, she can scream a loud scream, she can feed herself, she can pull the bib off her chest, she can poke my eyes, peel my lips, pry open my mouth, slap my face and body, squeeze my boob, pinch and bite my nips, pull my hair and the list goes on. if you see a bald spot on my head, it's probably because she pulled my hair.

i've been breastfeeding her for 9 solid months to date, alhamdulillah. this means i now have silver boobies with golden nips! oh yeahhhh!!! i deserve a cupcake! or two!

oh dear three more months until her 1st birthday!! i shall put on my thinking cap and start planning. 

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