Tuesday, March 27, 2012


today, 27th March 2012, my precious Babycakes turns 6 months young! alhamdulillah. i couldn't believe that my sweet little Babycakes is already 6 months. gosh time flies really fast, it feels like i just gave birth to her yesterday! the memories of carrying her in my belly and the moments of delivery is still fresh in my mind. she has been with us, cherishing our lives and giving us endless joy and happiness for the past 6 months and it has been the most magical 6 months of my life. but of course we did hit a few bumps here and there with us being first time parents but it sure was the highlight of our lives. she is one precious bundle of joy, one who loves to smile a cheeky smile. she loves to smile at strangers that strangers would come up to her and ask to carry and hold her. as much as i am flattered with their admiration but sometimes i feel it is not appropriate to let a total stranger to hold her. what if those people have some kind of illness or when was the last time they washed their hands? ughhh.
6 months is a huge milestone, for me at least. Babycakes can now start feeding on solids but i intend to start this weekend so that i can monitor her closely, take our own sweet time to enjoy the first moments of eating solids and also to monitor her bowel movement. we already bought her high chair from IKEA and i just have to buy the cushion pad so that she will be comfortable in it. we also bought her feeding utensils from IKEA, the green froggy set of four-bib, spoon, sippy cup and bowl. they are cute and they are really cheap. the high chair has been assembled last weekend and i put her in it to give it a try. i even put the bib on her and put the bowl, cup and spoon on the tray. she loves playing with it and i took some pictures. too bad i can't post pictures here anymore. can i upload from photobucket though?
Babycakes turning 6 months is an achievement for me too for i have been successfully breastfeeding her for the past 6 months so this means i now have my 'silver boobies' yeayy! this calls for a celebration, don't you agree? it was hard in the beginning where i suffered from every new mom's nightmare-cracked nipples, bleeding nipples, sore nipples, engorgement, bad latching and all that comes with it but we managed to pull it through and we made it this far. i can never be so proud of myself for being able to breastfeed this long and i plan to continue for as long as i can. besides, milk is still a baby's number 1 source of nutrition before the age 1. yes i pump regularly. i carry my pump with me to the courts and i've pumped in the parking lots, at petrol stations and also near tasik Shah Alam. i've also pumped in the court's surau. i am taking Pil ASI to ensure a steady supply but frankly i don't see any significant increase but at least it helps to maintain my supply i guess. i also take fenugreek seeds regularly, almost everyday. i seep about 1stp of seeds in a mug of hot water and let it seep and drink the water together with the seeds, whole, when it is cooled. it tastes yucky and till today i still hate the taste but i'd do anything to maintain my supply. now i smell like fenugreek and it's not really a pleasant smell. how on earth did people describe its smell like maple syrup? maple syrup smells sweet, don't they? i also drink tons of water, i heard Gatorade helps so i drink Gatorade every other day, i never skip any meals, i drink tons of water, i drink Horlicks, i drink organic soya bean milk and i still take my prenatal vitamins. it is all about demand and supply and i will supply my milk to my baby for as long as i can.
tonight hubby and i plan to have a mini celebration of our own. i asked hubby to buy Babycakes a slice of cake for her for me. haha. or a couple of cupcakes sound nice too. it's a celebration of Babycakes' 6 months birthday and also a celebration for me for getting to breastfeed this far. yeay!


~Lieza~ said...

Izyan..bestnya bc citer baby and experience as mommy.. Nie yg xsabar nk ada baby sndr.. Doakan yer Allah murahkan rezeki kitaorg nk ada baby..

Izyan Darling said...

hello puan pengantin baru! :) how's married life treating you? hope all is well. semoga Ija & husband cepat dikurniakan anak ok? sementara tu, enjoy time berdua puas2 sebab once dah ada baby, pergerakan agak terbatas. izyan x sempat nak enjoy berdua sangat lepas kawin sebab terus pregnant. hehe. all the best Ija!

dialicious said...

i actually not only miss pregnancy but i do miss delivery too!haha..it sounds crazy isnt it.u gave birth w dr seri too zzit?nway i hv emailed u the name of the paed in pcmc.

Izyan Darling said...

My gynae was the female Dr. Tan. are you still with the same paed?