Friday, April 06, 2012

request denied

gone are the days where i approve total strangers on facebook. yes, i used to approve random friend requests back then. well, if i hadn't done that, i wouldn't have met my then boyfriend now husband, would i? i know it is a social networking site so if you only approve people you know, how are you supposed to expand your social circle, right? that was my justification back then.
but now, if i have random friend requests, i would simply hit the Not Now button. and most, if not all, i would also answer No when prompted with the question 'Do you know this person outside facebook?'.
what i meant by random are:
  1. those who have no mutual friend(s) at all.
  2. those who have a number of mutual friends but the mutual friends are friends that i don't even know (the people that i approved randomly back then).
  3. those without a profile picture.
  4. those without a proper profile picture e.g picture of a cartoon character, flower, animal, logo, football player, car, bikes, babies (not theirs), celebrities, models, scenery. well, you get the picture. no pun intended.
  5. those with weird names e.g names combined with the name of a celebrity or someone they idolize or plainly use the name of a celebrity (seriously?? how old are you?).
  6. those with annoying names that the moment you see their request, you feel like punching them in the face e.g Terlupa Nama, No Komen, Stroberi Manis, Kupu-kupu Malam, Teh Tarik, Cinta Pari-pari, Aku Anak [si polan] etc.

there are also some requests which are still pending. they are:

  1. the ones whom i don't know but have mutual friends whom i know. just because we have mutual friends doesn't mean i know you and you can simply add me.
  2. the ones whom i think i know but i'm not sure i know. for example, they supposedly are from the same school or uni with me but i don't know them or i'm not sure it's really them because either they don't have a profile picture, a proper profile picture, they put the picture of their kid(s) etc.
  3. the ones who use their kid(s) names as their name. or combine their names with their kids/husband's names but i think i know them probably from uni or school but i'm not sure.
  4. shops or business pages. i may have or may have not purchased from you but that doesn't mean i want to be your friend. i may have inquired about a product or two from you but that doesn't mean i want to keep updated with your latest products. and just because i 'liked' your page, doesn't mean i want to be tagged in your pictures of kain, toys, shoes or baby clothes. i will find you if i want to.

that is all for now.


Mami Illysha & Iris said...
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Mami Illysha & Iris said...

hi izyan..

banyak requirements nak kena fulfill b4 jadi friend.. :)

k. ira

Izyan Darling said...

kalau betul nak jadi friend, takde requirement pun cuma di fb je. sebab kita tak tahu siapa dorang ni. dah agak malas nak simply approve orang yang tak dikenali.