Monday, March 05, 2012

the tale of Pinky Polly

I made a pinky promise that I will write about Pinky Polly so this is a story of Pinky Polly (hereinafter referred to as PP). Penat ok nak type Pinky Polly banyak2 kali. I wanted Babycakes to have a particular soft toy/item that she can carry around everywhere, one that she can get attached to, one that she can never leave home without, one that will be her comfort thingy. That particular toy/item has got to be big enough for Babycakes to cuddle but small enough to stuff inside my handbag. Along came PP. She came into our lives when Babycakes was about 2months young. PP is a soft little doll with a pink suit and a matching pink cap. She has a picture of a strawberry on her pink suit. She measures about 20cm and she is light weight. She comes with a yellow link that can be attached to stroller but I removed it because I want her in all her soft glory self. She’s small, she’s compact and she can be easily stuffed inside my handbag. She fits all criteria that I wanted and it’s a bonus that she’s pink! A soft shade of cotton candy pink.
Where does she come from? She was bought at Early Learning Centre (ELC), KLCC after I have finished my confinement. Toys at ELC are very expensive but during my visit then, they were having a sale, yeay! I couldn’t leave the shop without buying something for Babycakes so as I browsed around, I saw PP sitting near the cashier and guess what, she was on sale! Guess how much PP costs? A freaking RM55. No kidding. A puny little thing like that costs a whopping 55bucks?? You gotta be kidding me! I might as well but some ‘real toy’! but hey, PP was on 70% discount! I asked the cashier if the discount only applies with a purchase of RM50 and above or so (you know the deal) but she said no. After calculating (or rather guessing) how much she costs in the end, I bought PP. You do the math if you wanna know her price. Trust me, if she was not on sale, I wouldn’t even consider buying her.
So from then on, PP became Babycakes’ good friend. However, PP has her fair share of stories too. She was left behind not once but twice. Once was at Hokkaido seafood restaurant, and another was at Tesco Kepong.
The first incident, PP was in the stroller and hubby carried the stroller and put in the car. Somehow rather along the way I had a feeling about PP so I asked hubby “PP ada kan?” He replied, “Ada dalam stroller.” I asked, “Sure ada? Tak jatuh ke apa?” hubby then stopped the car by the road and checked on PP and true enough, PP was NOT in the stroller. So we went back to the restaurant and when hubby asked the waiters about PP, they said she was at the cashier. Phew~
The second incident, I was pushing Babycakes in her stroller and she was happily playing with PP. We were at the toiletries aisle and hubby noticed PP on the floor. Hubby picked her up and gave it to Babycakes. I told hubby to go and pay the groceries first and we will follow suit. I then strolled along the aisles, went to the clothes aisles and even grabbed one set of pyjamas. I handed over the pyjamas to hubby who was paying and then I went out and went to the magazine shop. I browsed some magazines and then hubby called and said that he’s going to send the stuffs to the car. As I was about to push Babycakes up the walkalator, I peeped inside her stroller and lo and behold! PP was nowhere in sight! I checked underneath her body but PP was not there. I panicked. I quickly went down again and called hubby and said, “PP takde!” I tolf hubby that I’m gonna look for PP so my first stop was the magazine shop. I asked the salesgirls, “Ada nampak anak patung kecik kaler pink tak?” they said No. I then went in Tesco and searched high and lo for PP. I tracked down the aisles that I went to earlier and in my mind, I was worried what if somebody picked her up and throw her away? What if some kids pick her up? Oh gosh. And then to my relief, there she was, laying face down near the toiletries aisle. I was relieved! I asked Babycakes, “Why did you throw PP away? Kesian PP!” she just smiled a cheeky smile and continued eating her fingers and slobbering her face with saliva. I did not give PP to Babycakes, instead I put her in my handbag. The next day, I sprayed Febreeze and hung her out in the sun.
So there you go. If PP was lost for the third time *touchwood* I’m not gonna replace her unless and until ELC has another sale AND she’s sold at 70% discount.
Btw I can no longer upload pictures as I’ve exceeded the quota limit booo! How do I increase the storage?


idzerqqy said...

to increase storage limit, you have to be a paid subscriber izyan

cik angah said...

anak kamu sudah besar!!! comeeyyyyy ok!!

btw, aku pun teringin nak tgk cemana PP Irene tu...huhuhu...


Izyan Darling said...

alamak kena bayar ke? u bayar? how much la plak? is it worth it?

tu laaa sudah 5 bulan ok! kat fb ada banyak pic dia dengan PP. blogger ni dah xbagi aku upload pics dah. sedih! boringnya kalau post tanpa gambar.