Monday, July 18, 2011

the toilet fiasco

On saturday, after i was done with my check up, Hubby & I went to The Gardens and Midvalley Megamall to shop. we still have tons of things to buy for the baby. the thing about shopping on a saturday is that you have to bring your own bag, unless you don't mind paying 20sen for a plastic bag. We went from Isetan to Robinson to Jusco and Metrojaya. not to mention the stops we made at other shops. anyway, i brought two reusable bags and we bought a 2 liter baby detergent and 2 tubs of baby wipes, among other things at Jusco. we put these two things together in a bag and boy were they heavy! poor hubby had to carry the bag all the way to The Gardens since we parked our car at The Gardens.
Anyway, i don't get the toilets at The Gardens. they have a so-called premier/exclusive toilet where you have to pay RM5 per entry. to me, this is totally ridiculous. even KLCC charged only RM2 for the premier toilets, right? But then, if you have either Isetan or Robinson card, you can enter for free. well, I have both so why am I complaining? I think most people by now already have either, if not both cards. so, I think the toilet has lost its exclusivity. almost everybody can enter. I gave one card to Hubby and I took the other. both of us can enter.
While I was waiting for Hubby, along came a mother with 3 children in tow. she was carrying her toddler son and two girls, probably aged 4-6 years old followed her. they looked like they were in a rush to go to the toilet. the elder girl was coughing badly and the mother was scolding her. the mother wanted to enter the toilet but then she stopped abruptly, perhaps upon seeing that she had to pay RM5 per entry. suddenly, the elder girl started to vomit. there and then. on the floor. the mother had no plastic whatsoever but the other girl was holding a Chilli's plastic bag, which I assumed they had tapau-ed some food. the elder girl kept on vomiting and the mother, probably out of frustration and panic, started to scold the girl and asked her to stop vomiting. I mean, how can you stop vomiting, right? the younger girl also then started to cough and whined at her mother, which added to her frustration so she told the younger girl to stand far away from them. the girl went and stood near the elevator when she also suddenly vomited. the mother seemed helpless and people were looking (yours truly included). when the younger girl vomited, she then walked to her mother, only to vomit some more, leaving a trail of vomit behind her. poor thing. the mother then simply pull up the elder daughter's dress and wiped her off.
while all this chaos were happening, there are about 2-3 toilet staffs who were at the entrance of the toilet. they were busy talking to themselves, oblivious to what was happening in front of them. in my opinion, they should be more alert and perhaps give an exception to the mother and 3 kids to enter the toilet. if I were the mother, I'd be in difficult situation too. imagine there are four of you and imagine having to pay RM20 for a toilet fee. that is simply outrageous. but then again, if it was an emergency, what the heck, right? the staffs could have been more sympathetic and just let them in and probably just charge the mother. or at least they should offer her a plastic or the garbage can or some tissue paper. the mother could have just taken the Chilli's plastic bag and let the kids vomit in there too. too bad for the food, at least you don't make a mess there. to think of it, i could have done the same too. the least i can do is offer the mother some tissue papers but i did not. instead, i became the typical Malaysian who just 'watch & stare'. my bad. i felt sorry for the mother. i really do. i imagined myself if i were in her shoes. i hope i will never have to face such a situation.
i didn't know how the whole thing ended because by then, Hubby had already came out of the toilet. serves the toilet staffs right for not helping that they have to clean the floor.


twayblade said...

lepas je baca entry ni, i went to the clinic with my son on tuesday morning. skali dlm keta masa nak balik, my son vomitted. harus laa teringat kat entry yg satu ni kan. apa yg dpt capai? plastik isi ubat klinik bg. nasib baik sempat tadah seblah tgn sambil seblah lg kirai semua ubat.

my quick action saved all hassle of cleaning up. hehe.

Izyan Darling said...

wahh nasib baik sempat! tu la kena bertindak pantas dalam situasi camni kan. tapi mak budak tu agaknya blur kot sebab anaknya 3 orang, pastu orang keliling tengok lagi.