Thursday, July 14, 2011

a telephone call

this morning i received a phone call from an unknown number. i picked up the phone and it was a guy from or was it *pregger brain alert* i think it was from he asked whether he can ask me a question and record it. i asked what it's about. he said that Vanessa (i think it's from because if i am not mistaken, this morning i heard Vanessa Chong (is she Vince's sister, the one who won Amazing Race Asia?) on anyway, to cut the story short, the guy (i still can't remember his name) said that they just wanna ask me what is my ideal & perfect holiday. i was like, uh ok but in my mind i thought, did i win something? please tell me i've won a contest or a holiday of some sort haha. to his question, i answered that my ideal holiday would be an all-expense paid trip to a destination of my choice. however the guy said, "no, what i mean is what would your ideal holiday be? is it sightseeing or lazing by the beach or shopping?" oh i see. but my answer is my answer lah, right? he said he will pass the phone to Vanessa and he asked me give my answer and elaborate. whatever.
so Vanessa asked me the same question to which i answered something like this, "my ideal holiday is sightseeing because i have paid so much for the trip so i would like to make use of it as much as i can and i want to see and go to places. i may not return to the place again so i want to visit as many places as i can. i don't want to spend the whole day in my hotel room or by the beach. i want to explore the place and go shopping, of course." then Vanessa said, "thank you so much. we appreciate your time and have a good day." that it? then it occurred to me that it is probably a 'test' for Vanessa because she's probably new to being a radio dj? i don't know. but how and why did they pick my number? and at least explain lah why they're doing it, right? luckily i was in a good mood this morning that i just played along and cooperated with them.

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