Wednesday, July 13, 2011


i think it has been a while since i last talked about foods in my blog. now that Ramadhan is just around the corner, surely people will start looking for nice places to break fast. i am looking forward to the fasting month but i don't know whether i will be fasting or not. it will all depend on my condition, whether larat or not. looking at the court diary, there won't be many court cases in August so i guess most days will be spent in the office. if i larat, i will fast but we shall see how. of course i wish i could fast the whole month of Ramadhan. tak payah penat nak ganti nanti, kan?

anyway, hubby & i went to a place called Citrus. it is located at 2nd floor, Bangsar Village 2. hubby learned of this place from his friend and he wanted to try it out. so we went there last Friday, the night before the Bersih rally, before heading back to my parents' place.

it has a nice and cozy ambiance. the place is rather small but just nice enough for a quiet dining experience. not too many people like Delicious but it may be different on other nights or lunch hour. and it could also due to the Bersih rally.

hubby ate the lamb briyani as his friend told him that the briyani here is delicious. it was indeed delicious.

i had the beef burger and it was very nice! the beef patty was thick and juicy and the beef patty is well seasoned. i didn't even put tomato ketchup on my burger because the burger tasted nice as it is.

we were stuffed but i could not resist the desserts and i ordered a slice of red velvet cake to takeaway. i brought home and had the cake while watching dvd. i even gave mum & dad a taste. mum loved it but dad, not so much of a cake person, said 'eeeksss!' when he looked at the colour of the cake. he took one small bite though. the cake was soft, fluffy & spongy, unlike some red velvet cakes that i have tried where the cake is very padat. however, you can't hardly taste the cream cheese. the icing was more buttery than cheesy but it is definitely to die for.
i would give this restaurant a 7/10 as we were satisfied with the food. pricing was just like any other cafe. my burger costs less than RM20 so it's not too expensive considering the location of the restaurant. we will definitely go back and this time, i want to try other desserts.
if you happen to be at Bangsar Village 2, go check it out.

i am one happy customer. *burp*

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