Friday, July 01, 2011

the show must go on

I was down with fever and flu last week and got an MC. My temperature was quite high so after Court, I immediately went to one of the clinics at Solaris Mont Kiara and took an MC. Due to the fever and flu, my nose was runny and stuffy all the time that I can barely sleep, especially at night. That, plus a severe case of coughing too. It was terrible but I was lucky that Hubby was always on my side and he even cooked chicken soup for me and made fresh orange juice for me. however, since I got the fever and flu, I kinda lost my appetite in food. I just don't feel like eating anything and foods just turn me off. I know that I have to eat but I just can't swallow any type of food that it is worrying me. I cooked rice porridge and only managed to eat a few spoonfuls only. However, as of now, I have slowly gained my appetite back and I hope it will stay.
Even though I was down with fever, I already got two tickets to see the Magical Musical, A West End Production at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre on 22 June 2011. I won the tickets from AllMalaysiaInfo and I had to collect the tickets from The Star Office. So in the midst of not feeling too well, I just couldn't let go of the show, could I? After all, they are free!

tickets had to be collected from The Star Office

the tickets. price: RM0.00=awesome.

the show

showtime printed on the tickets were 7pm. i thought, come on, 7pm show on a weekday? went home from work, got ready in a jiffy and rushed to Sunway Lagoon. there was a buggy waiting to take us to the Amphitheatre.

by the time we reached, it was about 740pm and the show has already started. we were told that it started at 7.30pm.

i guess we did not miss much.

the show was interesting but to be honest, it was nothing to shout about. there were a lot of empty seats probably because it's a wednesday.

go watch if you are a fan of West End musical.

after the show, which ended at about 930pm, we waited for a train ride back to the main entrance.

choo choo train

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