Tuesday, August 24, 2010

supermarket sweep

the night before we had our berbuka puasa at home, mum, maid and i went to Jusco AU/Setiawangsa to buy groceries. thank god they have almost everything there so we managed to buy most stuffs at the supermarket itself. if you ask me, i don't mind using instant coconut-milk or kerisik as long as i don't have to go to the wet market. mum, on the other hand, believes that the taste won't be the same as compared to using fresh coconut milk. she went to the wet market in Datuk Keramat the next morning with dad to get the coconut milk and a few other stuffs. thank god she didn't drag me along LOL.
you see, it is so convenient to buy groceries at the supermarket. it is clean, air-conditioned, fresh and most importantly, it doesn't stink like wet markets. have you ever been to the wet market in Datuk Keramat? you will feel like you're in Indonesia, i kid you not.

we were lucky that there were not many people that night. semua pergi terawih kot...

see, kan convenient tu.

trolley pun ada.

ahh... the nicely placed goods, the clean air, the clearly displayed prices, what more can you ask for?

this was my maid. she has already gone back for good.

they are cheap too!

told ya they sell everything from nangka muda to daun pisang. tak payah ke pasar, kan?

these mangoes are from Taiwan. check out the price!

somebody must have changed his/her mind upon seeing the price of this mango. a whopping RM26 bucks for a mango? i'd pass too!

cooking made easy. everything is pre-packed & ready. no reason not to cook.

the fishes were fresh too. and of course you can ask them to clean for you.

they made it look so cheap by displaying RM0.59 per 100g. why didn't they just put RM5.90 per kg?

mum and maid choosing watermelons. seriously, how on earth can you tell whether the watermelon is red, juicy and sweet? is there a way to know? is there a special method to determine the inside of a watermelon?

we shopped until the supermarket closed. haha if dad were to follow us, there's no way we can take our own sweet time at the supermarket. he would say, "selagi tak tutup kedai, tak habis beli barang."

balik time.


Arief Arf said...

looks like somebody is excited to go to the supermarket haha

~Sis said...

ya lor. what's with the excitement? haha.

Izyan Darling said...

arf & sis,
ini observant namanya. pffft.

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