Monday, August 30, 2010

shoe shopping

it is amazing when you have set your mind to buy shoes (or anything e.g. top, dress, baju kurung, handbag etc for that matter) of a particular colour, it becomes the most daunting task. set your mind that you want a pair of purple shoes and you will never, ever come across purple shoes. or at least not the shade that you've set your mind to. same goes with baju. you want a yellow baju for a certain occasion and finding a yellow baju will be the most impossible task ever. you will see every other colour BUT the colour that you want.
who says shopping is a therapy?
anyway check out this giant capal!! found at Kompleks Kraf in conjunction with the Promosi Kraf Aidilfitri 2010.

if i am not mistaken, this giant capal costs more than RM1k. it is made of leather so go figure.

found your raya shoes yet?


Cynth said...

try got capals too at RM99 :D

Izyan Darling said...

ooo how much is a capal in average anyway? RM99 for a capal?

~Sis said...

no need to matchy-matchy lah then. just stick to the basic colours - black, white, brown. easy. ;)