Wednesday, August 18, 2010

something for raya

I have not done my raya shopping. i don't know why but i don't feel the mood to shop just yet. but then again perhaps it is because i have yet to actually go to shopping malls, look at baju raya (except for when i went to Shah Alam Court and i just browsed through the ready made bajus at Plaza Alam Sentral), shoes, handbag and the like. or maybe it's still to early? kalau tak last minit, tak sah, xde thrill lah. i don't buy a handbag every hari raya, neither do i buy shoes for every baju. as much as i'd love to, somehow i hardly wear those shoes after raya, especially fancy & bright coloured shoes, which are uncomfortable to say the least. the shoes will be left to collect dust in my shoe rack. kalau ikutkan nafsu & perasaan, memang semua nak beli. kalau baju hijau, kasut nak hijau, baju pink, kasut pun pink. you get the drill.
on a slightly different note, it may not be Christmas but i've got a present for raya, yeay! actually, i won it in a contest. lucky me. i didn't intend to buy perfume but when i get one, it's like a bonus, right?

I am so gonna smell nice this raya.

where did i win it from? i won the perfume from check out the winners' pics here. all i had to do was submit a picture of myself and give a brief description of what i was wearing in that picture. i guess luck was on my side and i won.
now let's see what other contests there are to enter...


Sasha Lyna said...

izyan, am selling baju kebaya top, designs at FB..


grenlina said...

u r always lucky izyan. and i envy u for that ;)

~Sis said...

oo best! how's the smell?

Izyan Darling said...

sasha, yup saw it on your fb. macamana nak tau size? i x berani beli baju unless i try.

kak lina, alhamdulillah rezeki. trylah masuk contest mana tau boleh menang.

sis, it smells nice, of course! extra wangi la aku raya nih.