Monday, August 16, 2010

6th day today

Today marks the 6th day of Ramadhan. Time flies…time really flies. On one hand, I wish the time would move slower because I’ve a lot of things to settle and do while on the other hand, I wanted the time to move so fast because I want certain things to happen by a certain time. However, time is beyond my control and there is nothing I can do about it but go with the flow, embrace every moment and at the same time not be swept away and get distracted by the happenings.

On top of that, Ramadhan has been great so far. I’ve managed to perform 3 nights of terawih prayers. On the fourth night, I had to miss terawih as I had to bring Mum and the maid to the supermarket to buy groceries as we had a buka puasa on Saturday whereby we invited relatives to buka puasa at our house. Come Saturday morning, we were busy in the kitchen preparing food. We had:

  • Ayam kurma
  • Gulai nangka masak lemak
  • Sambal petai & udang
  • Rendang ikan tongkol
  • Ulam2-Kacang botol, timun, pegaga & daun selom with sambal belacan
  • Keropok ikan

As for desserts, we had:
  • Crème caramel
  • Fruit cocktail pudding
  • Bubur kacang hijau

For drinks we had:
  • Sirap bandung with cincau on the side (we put the cincau in a separate bowl because some people may not like cincau and it will be thrown away. to avoid any wastage, we did not mix it in the drink so whoever wants cincau in their drink are free to add the cincau themselves)
  • Sirap limau
  • Teh O

Relatives who came brought foods like:
  • Bubur lambuk
  • Mee goreng
  • Macaroni goreng
  • Pandan Cake
  • Air tebu
  • Buah kurma
I may or may not have missed something.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the food except for my crème caramel in the making. Come berbuka time, I was busy eating and making sure everything is in order. Normally boyfie would be the one taking pics but he lost his handphone on Thursday when he and a friend was robbed in TTDI. (which i will write in another post, insyaAllah). So now he’s using my back-up phone, which has no camera.

ingredients for creme caramel

it has to be covered with cling film or else water from the steam will drop on the caramel

fruit cocktail pudding

As of today, i have yet to berbuka outside. after the 1st week, i guess i shall start surveying for places for berbuka then. i don't intend to go to hotels as the prices are exorbitant, except by invitation. ;) any suggestions?


kruel74 said...

Go look for small restaurant which also has buffet like Tarbush in Bukit Bintang (if u like Arab food) or Las Vacas in Kelana Jaya (if u like steak) or better yet, do like me n wife, buy at Pasar Ramadhan and go picnic near a mosque so easy can go terawikh. Best place for this : KLCC Park :) Have a great buka puasa

Izyan Darling said...

thank you for the suggestion. i love arab food, i love steak, i love everything hehe. the idea to picnic at klcc park sounds interesting but with the current weather condition, i don't think it's a good idea.
you have a great buka puasa too & do share interesting makan places aite?

~Sis said...

wow, that's one long menu! no other pics meh?

Izyan Darling said...

indeed. penat okeh memasak dari pagi. :D i think abah took some pics but i dont think he took pics of the foods but will check if there's any.