Wednesday, May 19, 2010

weekend project part 23

my mum knows that i love to bake and try new recipes when i'm in the mood so whenever she comes across recipes in the newspaper, she would cut it for me and give it to me. i kept some which i find interesting and which i intend to try and discard those which i find otherwise. one day she gave me a recipe for cotton cheesecake. i have never tried baking cotton cheesecake before. initially i wanted to bake it on mother's day but i had an overdose of cheesecake at my aunt's house so i kiv-ed baking the cotton cheesecake. i have already bought the ingredients the week before and the cream cheese won't last long so i had to do it last weekend. instead of using the recipe that my mum gave me, i googled and found another recipe, which is more detailed & easier to follow. i am always worried but at the same time excited whenever i try a new recipe because i don't know whether it will turn out ok or not. it is a risk that i have to take.

since the cake is baked in a spring-form pan and in a water bath, i have to cover the pan with foil so that the water do not seep into the cake.

surprisingly the heat in my microwave oven is even thus a perfect brown all over. i was happy upon seeing this.

then i became nervous when removing the cake from the pan because i'm scared that it might stick.

alhamdulillah my cake turned out awesome! i'm not going to say it turned out perfect though because the bottom part is a bit wet.

however, the texture is light, airy and cottony enough, true to its name.

mum said it's delicious. boyfy said it's 'cemerlang'. lil bro packed the cake for his gf. it is definitely a YES!

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