Wednesday, May 26, 2010

there is always a first for everything

guess what? i just had my first online shopping experience a few weeks back. i was always skeptical about buying online, especially when it comes to clothing. i've heard and read stories about terrible online shopping experiences. anyway, even though most blogshops provide detailed measurements, somehow rather i cannot bring myself to rely on them because the cutting may differ from one clothes to another. i know my size (though i wish i could be slimmer and smaller), i know my body type. i may fit size M for brand A while for brand B size XL (gaaaaahhhh!!) may fit me nicely. it differs, really. besides, the pictures on the blogshops may look nice but wait till you see the real thing. another reason is because i don't get to touch & feel the materials.

btw, i recently came across some cool blogshops and the first item that i bought online are these.

check out the bump!

a few weeks later, i bought this, from the same blogshop.

you don't expect me to put a pic of me tweezing now, do you? LOL. the second time my parcel came, they even included a free gift which is a cute hat-feather hair clip because i am a repeat customer.

i have never thought of buying clothes online but as i was browsing through the blogshops and after reading other bloggers' stories about online shopping and what not, i decided to give it a try but unless and until i have received my order, i shall not blog about it. in the meantime, i shall wait. it should arrive in 2-3 freaking weeks time. lalalala~~


Cynthia said...

hello!! U did such great hair bumps effects than I do =D
glad u have a great online shopping experience ;)

majulah online shopping untuk negara!! =P


~Sis said...

Fuyoo dah maju! Hehehe :P
Btw, I was tempted to get those Bumpits too before, but knowing me, I'd rather stick to the same 'ol thing, daripada beli, lepas tu tak pakai pun. Anyway, best tak?

Izyan Darling said...

thanks! some people say about online shopping is that once you start, you can't stop! which i think is true. ;)

cehhh what do u mean by dah maju? maju okeh! cuma tak berani je before this. but takut addicted lah. btw the hair bumpits are great! just secure it with bobby pins or hair spray and it'll stay put. the volume it creates is amazing and the best part is, u don't have to 'tease' your hair to have that effect. how much are they selling over there anyway?

joven said...

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Izyan Darling said...

tq for dropping by, joven. :)