Wednesday, May 12, 2010

eating out

When you go to a restaurant or a café or a mamak or an eatery, the first thing you would do after finding a table is to call for the waiter or waitress. Sometimes, the waiter or waitress can be really attentive and helpful that they come to your table the moment you sit and immediately offered you the menu. Sometimes, you would have to call for them and they would take their own sweet time to come to your table. Sometimes, you have to ask for the menu. (duhh!) But certain places like roadside stalls do not have menus, which is totally understandable.

Speaking of menus, it really disgusts me when I see a dirty, sticky, smelly, koyak2 and lunyai2 menu. Some restaurants laminated their menu and the lamination is peeled off and dirty gooey thing got stuck in between. Ughhh you get the idea. I don’t know how to describe it. So unhygienic, right?

Speaking of menus, some restaurants have a long list of menu with pages and pages of choices, complete with pictures and descriptions. They looked so tempting but do not expect the real thing to look just as good, thus the disclaimer on some menus. But what about those without disclaimers?

With regard to choices, it annoyed the hell out of me (and I bet millions other people too) when 9 out of 10 items on the menu are not available. If one or two items that you ordered are not available, it is still acceptable but what if most things that you wanted, are not available?

An incident happened last Sunday at Baskin Robbins Jaya Jusco Setiawangsa. I ordered a blueberry something something with bananas as the topping, as shown in the picture. Then I was told that they just realized that they have run out of bananas. And to think it’s a Sunday, and it was only 3pm. And it was Mother’s Day. Obviously a lot of people would come to the shop and buy, no?

Another incident happened last night at Restoran Ali Maju, Setiawangsa. I ordered chapati and it was unavailable. I ordered lassi, also unavailable. I ordered appam, also unavailable. How do you think I feel?

Normally when this happens, I would take a deep breath and ask the waiter or waitress, “What is available?” Saves me the hassle, the heartache and the time from going through the menu.


tunbegia said...

sungguh bosan kalo sumer order takder kanns,


Izyan Darling said...

betul. tension jadi nya...kalau semua takde, baik tak payah bukak kedai.

Anonymous said...

eeiii! dah lepak nearby my area, tak ajak pulak... pele pele sungguh :p

aahhh... talking about that, happens to me all the time... bila rasa macam nak order something menarik, time tu la dorang cakap takde