Friday, May 15, 2009

weekend project part 18

after not entering the kitchen ber-weekend project for quite some time, last weekend i decided to make something extra special for Mummy, in conjunction with Mother's Day. i made shepherd's pie and orange cupcakes for Mummy. the recipe for shepherd's pie was obtained from the newspaper some time ago. very easy, very simple to make, yet sinfully delicious and it is a hearty meal on its own. it wouldn't be perfect if there is no cake but i don't want to make the normal carrot cake or chocolate cake. i want to try a new recipe, something which i've never tried before. i have never made orange cake before so i thought it would be nice to give it a try. i googled for the recipe and found one which is really simple and very easy to follow. so i spent the whole Sunday afternoon making shepherd's pie and orange cupcakes, just for my Mum. of course, i added some extra ingredients in it, which is love and affection. hey i can easily run to the nearest Secret Recipe and get her a cake or take her out for brunch at one of those overly-priced buffets and save me all the trouble but i believe it is that extra effort you put in that matters the most. it's not every weekend that i bake and it's not everyday that i go into the kitchen (to cook/bake), right? ;P

This is one of my maids. she wanted to be in the pic so i layankan aje. after all, she helped me with the cleaning up.

chuck the ingredients into a food processor and voila~ told ya it's easy!

the thing about baking cupcakes is that it requires a whole lot of patience because you have to wait one batch to be done before putting in another. and patience is still not my strongest virtue. but since the kitchen smelled of nice orange cake, my patience level increased slightly.

one batch done, many more to go.

the cupcakes were slightly bantat, not fluffy and cakey. i have no idea why as i followed the recipe religiously. and the taste of the orange is a bit too strong because whole oranges were pureed. i don't think i'll be making it anymore. perhaps i will look for a different recipe.

this is the shepherd pie's filling. the ingredients include chicken breasts, chicken sausages, potatoes, mixed vege, evaporated milk and mushroom soup.

the top layer is covered with mashed potato and baked in the oven.

the pie ready to be eaten.

how did you celebrate your Mother's Day? what did you do for your mum?


kruel74 said...

That is the biggest shepherd's pie I have ever seen. That cupcakes looks good

grenlina said...

yum2x... look delicious... am hungry!!!

ur silent reader said...

izyan dear.. recipes kat internet ni mmg kadang2 tak reliable.. kita punyalah ikut 100% tapi the outcome is not as expected.. tp xpe.. kalau u pandai adjust the ingredients / method, boleh try again next time.

i pun malas nak buat cupcake / cookies sbb dia requires a few batches to be completed.. dhla oven kat rumah i kecik comel je.. hehe

Bads said...

hey babe! tell me if you know a good recipe for royal icing.. i tried last weekend and it wasn't as yummy as i imagined it to be..

will upload my mother's day baking sesh as well as last week's try-out soon..

p/s love the photo of your maid! my maid is usually the first to makan what i bake cause she's always sebok in the kitchen and comes in hinting how wangi the kitchen is. hehehe.. i have no choice but to let her have the first bite! haha kedekut!

Izyan Darling said...

now that you've mentioned it, it does look huge! ;) as for the cuppies, trust me, they are not really that good.

sorry if i made u crave for it. if u teringin, go get some for urself. don't want the baby to mengidam for long now, would we? ;)

silent reader,
tu la, the thing about following recipes randomly is that you'll never know for sure if it's gonna turn out ok or not. memang gamble je. nyatanya, i'm not keeping this particular recipe.

royal icing? ok will look out for it. can't wait to see ur baking pics as well! do post! oh yeah my maid was super excited to be in d pic so i layankan aje. i bet she's gonna flip if she sees her pic in the lappy haha.

Bads said...

btw now looking back at ur photos, i just realised the purpose of that thing; the one that holds your cupcakes in the oven! haha. i bought it when i first used the instant mix but the cups couldn't fit, then the shocking pink weekend, my maid stored it somewhere i totally forgot abt it which resulted in our cupcakes being a tad bit fat. or kembang. hehehe. will bring it to kl next week and bake a batch for momoh. heheehe..