Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a twist of luck

just when I thought I was lucky, Lady Luck twisted my luck a bit. I was supposed to watch the premiere of X-Men last night when my friend texted me and asked if I wanted to watch Mahsuri instead because he just received free tickets from his aunt at the very last minute. oh man, what are the odds? both shows are for free and both are on the same night. *sigh* why can't it be on different nights? oh well, one can't always have the best of both worlds, right? After some thinking, I chose to watch Mahsuri over X-Men. The reasons being:
  1. X-Men can be watched some other time whereas Mahsuri ends tomorrow night.
  2. There's always DVD for X-Men.
  3. Another reason for us to go out perhaps to watch X-Men?
  4. X-Men is free seating while Mahsuri is numbered seats.
  5. Istana Budaya is very much nearer to my house than One Utama.
so yeah, I said YES. and then it hit me, rugilah the X-Men passes. I asked my officemates if they wanted the tickets but they passed. thank God for the live feed on Facebook, I made an offer to see if anyone is interested. within seconds, i received responds and a friend wanted the tickets so I gave it to him. phew~ at least the tickets didn't go to waste.

oh well, I may not be so lucky in love but at least I'm lucky in other areas. the best part is, I get to choose who I share the goodies with, who I go to the events with and who I invited to accompany me. after all, it's the company that matters. if you have the right company, a boring event will be just as fun, and vice versa. I believe the more you give, the more you receive so I shall give to the deserving ones.

and I thank Lady Luck for the twist of luck.


Hid said...

good for u babe.

hope mahsuri was fun to watch.

eventho i love hugh jackman.... i think the new x-men is not that fun pon. huhu

in my opinion lah.

Izyan Darling said...

Mahsuri was ok je. xde lah grand sangat. but it is definitely worth it la sebab bukannya senang nak dapat tiket tengok teater kan? movie anytime bole. :) fyi, i'm not really into action movies pun. alang2 free kan? :)