Saturday, May 16, 2009

dreams again

i have been dreaming about this one particular person twice this week. i don't know if it is a coincidence or is it a sign of something. naahh i'm not superstitious but what are the odds that this person came into my dream twice, in the same week? why him, of all people? yeah i do wonder about him once in a while but not that i think about him day and night. right, like i have nothing better to do than think about him, huh? heck, i don't even really know him that much (yet) and i'm not sure whether i will have the chance to get to know him. it's not that the dreams are unpleasant, trust me they are but i would love to dream about other things as well, say for example dream about winning something big, or perhaps dream about being in a place where all things nice. you get the drift.
anyway, in the first dream, he brought me to this one place, which i assumed is his hometown and he played tour guide and took me places. it was really nice because in that dream, i kinda went on a holiday. the second time i dreamt about him went something like this: i was walking along a road and he passed by in a van (don't ask me why it's a van but it would be nice if he was driving a sports car or a beemer hehe). he saw me walking and he waved at me and then the van stopped and he ran to me and passed me something. it was a gift actually but it wasn't nicely wrapped. instead, it was wrapped in tissue paper or newspaper. he handed it over to me and when i opened it, there was either a necklace or a bracelet. it was nice but he said, "sorry bukan original pun." i just smiled and then either the dream ended or i woke up because my phone was ringing. damn! i would love to know what happened next.
seriously, i can clearly see his face in both dreams and i remembered the dreams, though not the exact thing. usually, i would have a hard time remembering, let alone describing my dreams. but this is different. *sigh* oh well, i guess dreams are mainan tidur after all huh? but if he appears in my dream again in the near future, maybe, just maybe there is a hidden meaning behind it. and maybe, just maybe...oh never mind.


ur silent reader said...

izyan.. !! i can sooo relate to this entry !! i pun selalu have weird dreams about me and this guy (who i have a crush on).. and i did not think of him pun masa siang tu.. tp he keeps on appearing.. sometimes for a few nites in a row..

and ini sgtlah tak best sebab i know he was not into me.. =( bangun2 pagi je dah stress

Bads said...

it's a momok, i swear it's a momok! haha.

i get odd dreams like that too. ppl say when u think (or obsess) abt a thing, u'll dream it. i don't know how true that is tho. once i dreamt my mother turned into a tree and i cried and peluk2 the pokok. other heartbreaking dreams consist of zein telling me he's fallen for a malay chick who works as a bank officer. lol. and he even told me he was trying his hardest to fall outta love with her. Hahahahaaha.. i woke up with my heart beating so hard it hurt!

try texting the dude, maybe he was thinking of u too. (it's something i'd do, randomly text ppl i dream abt) haha. i hope you get more dreams like this, and get to finish the dream too hehehe.. preferably on a Sunday so your Monday blues get washed away =)

Izyan Darling said...

silent reader,
tu la pasal..i ada la teringat2 skit kat dia tapi xde la angau haha. eh mana u tau he's not into u? maybe he is! ;)

kelakar lah u! i've heard b4 dat if u think about someone, dat person is also thinking about u, betul ke? *sigh* u want me to text him? tak berani lah! segan i! hehe. xpe, i'll wait if ada mimpi ke3 about him then maybe, just maybe i will. ;)

ur silent reader said...

i know he's not into me lepas i watch the movie he's just not that into you.. "if he's not calling, kalau dia tak take care on you, means that he's not into you". simple as that. and i would like to believe that theory.. sebab mmg tak nampak pun any kesungguhan / effort from him..

sad i know.. haha. oh well, maybe that's a blessing in disguise (i would like to think in a positive way)

Izyan Darling said...

oh gosh, dat means he's not that into me jugaklah sebab there's no effort on his part. huhuhu. that movie was indeed an eye opener, kan? but then, maybe we are the exception to the rule, who knows? hehe. yes, let's think positive! a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, no?

ur silent reader said...

yerp.. gut luck in pursuing ur guy k..

in my case, at certain point i rasa that guy mcm suka kat i, because he keeps on asking about me from several of our mutual frens.. tapi bila depan i, dia buat dono jer.. boleh tak? i've tried to initiate conversations via sms / chat (thinking that maybe dia nervous kot face to face).. but the reactions were still the same.

other signs that i can think of.. mmg takde.. hehe. the reality hits me after watching that movie.. huh buang masa i jer.. menyampah tau kat guys yang suka bagi mixed signals ni

p/s: sori terlebih komen kat ur comment box.. mcm dah jadi forum pulak.. hahahah

Izyan Darling said...

oh yeah, guys always give mixed signals. yet they say us women are complicated, kan? anyway no problem about terlebih komen. good to know that i'm not alone. ;)

Anonymous said...

"keep dreaming, will make real" this the real thing you want...