Sunday, December 14, 2008

stalk me not

...unless you have a box of chocolates and/or a bouquet of roses with you.

i received a telephone call one evening in my office. i was probably in the ladies' room when the clerk picked up the phone. on the other end of the phone, a guy, supposedly Chinese, by the name of Yan (how ironic) asked if there is a lawyer driving a red CLK (ok obviously he said a red Kancil and not a red Cute Little Kancil) in that firm. the clerk asked who he was and he said he met the lawyer in Court (but he didn't say which Court) and he said that the lawyer gave him the number. he didn't know the lawyer's name but stressed on the fact that the lawyer drives a red CLK. luckily the clerk didn't immediately give away my name. instead she said that she's not sure if there's any lawyer driving a red CLK (acting as though the Firm is so big and there are many lawyers) and if there is, she will ask the lawyer to return his call (he left his number by the way).

when i returned from the ladies' room, the clerk told me about it and i couldn't help but wonder who is this 'Yan' fella. as far as i know, i didn't meet anyone in Court by that name and even if i do meet people, i would have probably given him/her my business card, which clearly stated my full name and my number. why on earth would he call me at my office number? why did i give the office number in the first place? for what reason is he calling me anyway? it couldn't be that black guy coz he wouldn't know what car i'm driving (i hope) and he hasn't called the office since i never entertained his call.

well it's either somebody's pulling a prank on me or somebody's stalking me, neither of which i'm fond of. it is more scary than flattered. it is more freaky than excited. you get what i mean? obviously i did not call this 'Yan' fella. and he hasn't called again. at least not for now. it kinda send some shivers down my spine though.

hmm...maybe i should change my car.


Anonymous said...

that picture of the cat u put there is so freakin'ly hilarious!well,anyway,i don't think at the moment u should walk alone after-office's better to have some people with u.

Zaim said...

he knows what car you're driving

he knows where you work

enuff said.

Izyan Darling said...

maybe i should get a pepper spray on standby also, right?

yeah. and it's freaking me out.

Mama kewl said...

Polish up ur taekwando/free sparring for self defence - remember wat ur master said? "When anyone tries to be funny, beat him up first, then only report...heheh

Izyan Darling said...

even though i polish my taekwondo and wat not, u know me lah kan, kalau takut, terus terpaku terdiam tatau nak buat apa. tsk tsk. taekwondo ke mana, self-defence ke mana huhuhu. oh i soo need a bodyguard muahahaha~